Live PC Care

What is Live PC Care?

The Live PC Care tends to portray itself as a legitimate LivePCCare online protection program, whereas in actuality, it is not. The Live PC Care virus is an infection that causes a computer system to display pop-up messages that advertise a rogue security tool called the LivePCCare or the Live PC Care Antivirus. Once installed, Live PC Care may be configured to run automatically upon each system launch, which means the annoying pop-up messages will appear as soon as the user logs onto their system. Live PC Care will bombard the user with dozens of fake alert messages, suggesting that the only solution would be to purchase the full version of this fake software - in order to remove the ‘detected' threats. Remember – purchasing Live PC Care ‘licensed' version is only going to end up being a huge waste of money. If Live PC Care has been detected in a machine, it should be deleted immediately.

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