Lite PDF Reader

What is Lite PDF Reader?

If you are looking for a good PDF reader, we do not recommend trusting Lite PDF Reader. This PDF reader might be free, but it might come at a price of your virtual security. If you install it onto your Windows operating system, you agree to have personal information recorded and also shared with unknown parties. While most service providers use data trackers to record information about users, not all record private information and then share it with parties that are kept hidden. Does that make you trust the suspicious PDF reader? Of course, it does not, and that is one of the main reasons users choose to delete Lite PDF Reader. malware analysts have analyzed this suspicious piece of software, and it is concluded that it works as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Even if you find it beneficial, there are elements to this PUP that make it unreliable or useless. If you wish to learn more about this, as well as the removal process, please continue reading the report.test

How does Lite PDF Reader work?

According to our research, users are most likely to let Lite PDF Reader in by interacting with malicious software bundles. If they represent other threats, the PUP could be bundled along with them, and users could let them in without evaluating the risk. Note that malicious threats can conceal themselves using disguises of attractive programs, or they could slip in without your notice at all. If you have downloaded Lite PDF Reader using a third-party installer (i.e., an installer outside, you certainly need to scan your operating system using a legitimate malware scanner as soon as possible. Hopefully, malware is not found, and you can focus on the PUP. If you end up installing it from the official download page, you have the perfect opportunity to check the Privacy Policy. That is something users should do always whenever they install new software, but, unfortunately, they tend to skip this step. If you reviewed the document before installing the PUP, you would know that it can record private data. We do not recommend installing software capable of that, and if you have installed it already, it is best to delete it.

If you do not care about Lite PDF Reader being able to record and leak personal information, you might care about the suspicious process that it uses. It is called “LitePDFReaderService,” and it starts an .exe file, “LitePDFReaderServ.exe”, whose purpose is still unknown. It is not the file that launches the program. The file responsible for that is named “LitePDFReader.exe”. If you do not care about a suspicious file that is used for an unknown reason, you might care about Lite PDF Reader not being that great. Yes, it will read PDF files, but only if you open files after launching the program. You will not be able to open and read files directly from their location. Overall, there are far better and more useful tools you could use for the same purpose, and so we advise removing the potentially unwanted program and finding a better replacement.

How to delete Lite PDF Reader

You must have expected Lite PDF Reader to serve you in a beneficial manner if you have downloaded it onto your Windows operating system. Unfortunately, it is pretty clumsy and, on top of that, it might work in an unreliable manner. There is no doubt that far superior PDF readers exist, but what is most important is that you acquire tools that do not use suspicious services and files and that do not collect and leak private information. Before you find a better and more reliable replacement, we recommend removing Lite PDF Reader from your operating system, and that can be done using the instructions below. If you have uninstalled unwanted applications before, you will not even need to follow the steps. If more serious threats exist, you should consider utilizing anti-malware software because it can automatically erase all existing threats. If you have any questions about the PUP or its elimination, post them in the comments section below.

Removal Guide

Windows XP:

  1. Navigate to the Taskbar and click the Start menu button.
  2. Open the Control Panel menu and then move to Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Identify the unwanted program, click it once, and select Remove.

Windows Vista or Windows 7:

  1. Move to the Taskbar and click the Windows menu logo.
  2. Open the Control Panel menu and then go to Uninstall a program.
  3. Identify the unwanted program, right-click it, and then select Uninstall.

Windows 8 or Windows 10:

  1. Launch RUN by tapping Win+R keys and then enter Control Panel.
  2. Move to the Uninstall a program menu.
  3. Identify the unwanted program, right-click it, and then select Uninstall. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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Stop these Lite PDF Reader Processes:


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