Link Safeness

What is Link Safeness?

Link Safeness is a rogue anti-spyware program that tends to make use of false spyware results to lure you, the unsuspecting system user, into purchasing its full version. It is also possible to install Link Safeness or LinkSafeness manually, by visiting the rogue website affiliated with this dubious application. Link Safeness may use its system scanner to display false positives, which work as an incentive to coerce unsuspecting users into making a purchase of Link Safeness's commercial version. It is an exact clone of AntiAID.
Do not click on any link provided by Link Safeness. Once a user clicks on the link provided, they'll be redirected to LinkSafeness 's website, to download and purchase Link Safeness's rogue anti-spyware program. Link Safeness has the ability to recreate itself after reboot and its "System scan" messages may continue to pop up on the task manager, therefore, it is advised to run a scan with a reliable anti-spyware program to check for the presence of LinkSafeness on your computer.

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