Lezp Ransomware

What is Lezp Ransomware?

Lezp Ransomware is a malicious computer infection that tries to push you into paying ransom for your files. It is yet another addition to the STOP Ransomware family, and it doesn’t look like the string of these infections would end any time soon. Therefore, you have to be ready to remove Lezp Ransomware from your system as soon as possible. In this description, you will find more information about the threat, and you can also check out the manual removal guidelines at the bottom. If you do not feel confident about removing this infection manually, be sure to acquire a powerful security application that will help you terminate the program automatically.test

Where does Lezp Ransomware come from?

As mentioned, Lezp Ransomware belongs to the STOP Ransomware family. We talk about programs from this group every single week. For example, previously, we discussed Jest Ransomware, Mpaj Ransomware, Mado Ransomware, and many other infections, all of which are based on the same malicious code. It seems as though the people behind these threats merely tweak the main code a little bit to give it a new name, and just release it into the wild again. At the same time, it gives us hope that we can restore our files using the decryption key that was developed for the STOP Ransomware infection.

Of course, it would be ideal if we didn’t have to scramble to restore our files in the first place. For that to happen, we need to be aware of the ransomware distribution methods, so that we could prevent these infections from entering our systems. As far as we know, Lezp Ransomware should spread through spam attachments, bundled downloads, and unsafe RDP connections. In other words, users download and install these malicious programs willingly because they are not aware of the dangers they face. To avoid Lezp Ransomware, you have to refrain from downloading programs from unreliable sources. If you receive files from unknown senders, be sure to scan them with security tools before you open them. By doing that, you should prevent Lezp Ransomware (and other similar infections for that matter) from entering your computer.

What does Lezp Ransomware do?

It probably is quite obvious that when this program enters target system, it first looks for the files it can encrypt. Thus, Lezp Ransomware runs a full system scan and locates all the files that it can lock up. Then it launches the file encryption process. Once the process is complete, all the affected files receive the .lezp extension at the end of the filename. This way, you can easily see all the files that were affected by the infection. Although, you don’t really need this stamp of an extension to tell that your data was locked. Since the system can no longer read it, all the file icons will be changed to blank images.

After that, you will definitely see the ransom note that tells you to contact the criminals behind this infection and transfer the ransom fee. Here’s an extract from the said note:


Don’t worry, you can return all your files!
All your files like photos, databases, documents and other important are encrypted with strongest encryption and unique key. The only method of recovery files is to purchase decrypt tool and unique key for you.
Price of private key and decrypt software is $980.
Discount 50% available if you contact us first 72 hours, that’s price for you is $490.

The same ransom note can be seen across all infections in the STOP Ransomware family. It’s not like they are too creative about it. However, you should know better than to respond to this.

How do I remove Lezp Ransomware?

As mentioned, it might be possible to recover some of your files that were affected by this intruder. If the files were encrypted with an offline key, then you can use a public decryption tool developed by EmiSoft to restore your data. Please note that it might not work if Lezp Ransomware employed an online encryption key. If that’s the case, you might have to refer to a file backup (provided you have one) or contact a professional, who would guide you through various other file recovery options.

Manual Lezp Ransomware Removal

  1. Delete the most recent files from Desktop.
  2. Remove the most recent files from the Downloads folder.
  3. Press Win+R and type %TEMP%. Hit OK.
  4. Delete the most recent files from the directory.
  5. Press Win+R and type %LOCALAPPDATA%. Click OK.
  6. Delete the folder with a long random name.
  7. Scan your system with the SpyHunter free scanner. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Lezp Ransomware*

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