Kraken Cryptor Ransomware

What is Kraken Cryptor Ransomware?

Kraken Cryptor Ransomware might ruin a lot of user’s personal files if it manages to sneak in. The malicious application damages its victims’ data by encrypting it with a robust cryptosystem. It means the files that get enciphered become useless without particular decryption tools. Since the threat is a tool for money extortion, it should show a warning message or a ransom note suggesting the user makes a payment to receive the needed decryption tools. What it is important to realize is that you cannot hope for guarantees or refunds when dealing with cybercriminals, which means by paying the ransom you would be gambling with your money. If you do not want to risk being tricked, we think it would be wiser to get rid of Kraken Cryptor Ransomware. To learn how to remove it manually, you could use the instructions available below, and if you wish to find out more details about the threat first, you should read the rest of the text first.testtesttest

Where does Kraken Cryptor Ransomware come from?

For now, there is still no information on how Kraken Cryptor Ransomware might enter the system. However, we can list a few possible distribution channels based on our experience with similar malicious applications. For instance, most of the recently researched ransomware applications were distributed either via infected email attachments or unsecured Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections. It would mean users who wish to avoid such threats should watch out for suspicious emails and make sure their computers have no weaknesses that could be exploited by cybercriminals. Needless to say, picking a legitimate antimalware tool could help maintain the system’s security as such software can prevent a lot of various malicious programs from infecting the device.

How does Kraken Cryptor Ransomware work?

The main malware’s task is to encrypt files located on the user’s computer. It could be various documents, photographs, pictures, videos, archives, and so on. After being enciphered, they can be easily recognized because the files should be marked with .onion extension (e.g., As you realize, the data that has the mentioned extension cannot be opened without decryption tools. Sadly, the only ones who may have such tools are Kraken Cryptor Ransomware’s developers. The bad news is they are certainly not going to give the needed means for decryption free of charge, and you should see it for yourself if you come across it. To be more precise, the threat opens a window containing a ransom note that may ask to transfer either 0.125 or 0.25 BTC to the hackers’ account. Naturally, to convince you to make the payment they can offer to decrypt a couple of files for free as a guarantee, but keep it in mind it does not reassure anything. Once the ransom is paid, you could not take your money back even if Kraken Cryptor Ransomware’s creators forget to deliver the needed tools or decide not to bother to do so.

How to eliminate Kraken Cryptor Ransomware?

Knowing you might not get the needed decryption tools even if you do what the hacker’s behind Kraken Cryptor Ransomware ask you to do, we would recommend not to take any chances. After all, if there are any backup copies on removable media devices or your cloud storage, there is hope at least some of the files could be restored by replacing them with such copies. Nevertheless, before placing any copies or new data on the computer, it would be safest to eliminate the malware. If you decide to get rid of it, we could offer our removal instructions available below as they explain how to erase the malicious application manually. Another way to take care of it is to scan the computer with a legitimate antimalware tool you prefer.

Erase Kraken Cryptor Ransomware

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Select Task Manager.
  3. Search for the threat’s process.
  4. Select this process and click End Task.
  5. Leave Task Manager.
  6. Tap Windows key+E.
  7. Navigate to the following paths:
  8. Find the file that was placed when the device got infected.
  9. Right-click the malicious file and press Delete.
  10. Locate the malware’s ransom note (# How to Decrypt Files.txt), then right-click it and press Delete.
  11. Close File Explorer.
  12. Empty your Recycle bin.
  13. Restart the system. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Kraken Cryptor Ransomware*

Stop these Kraken Cryptor Ransomware Processes:


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