Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware

What is Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware?

Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware is a nasty computer threat whose entrance will not be fun at all. It is one of those harmful malicious applications that enter computers to obtain money from users, so if you ever encounter it, you could no longer access a bunch of files on your computer. The ransomware infection locks files with .3gp, .1cd, .dat, .dbx, .class, .docx, .doc, .drw, .dxg, .djvu, .groups, .jar, .java, .json, and other popular extensions, but, luckily, it skips all system files. In other words, your computer will continue working normally even though you could no longer open a bunch of your files. You will be offered to acquire a unique key that can unlock encrypted personal files, but you should definitely not send money to cyber criminals. We do not say so without reason. Sending money to crooks is not a smart move no matter what kind of computer threat you encounter because it is unclear whether you will really solve your problems by making a payment. Speaking about this particular situation, the Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware encounter, we are sure this infection will not be deleted from your system even if you transfer a ransom. On top of that, you cannot be 100% sure that you could really unlock your files.

What does Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware do?

Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware slightly differs from its previous version (Kraken Cryptor 1.2), but they both lock files on victims’ computers. Researchers at have tested this new version   to find out how it acts, and it has, first of all, turned out that it locks files mercilessly after the successful entrance. As mentioned at the beginning, there is a huge possibility that you will find all your personal files encrypted. All files Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware locks get the .onion extension, which is the first sign that its entrance on the system was successful. Of course, it is only one of several symptoms that can tell you that you have encountered Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware. If this computer threat is really the one that has infiltrated your computer and locked your files, you will also find # How to Decrypt Files.html dropped on your system. This file is a ransom note that contains a message for users. It will tell you that only a special key can unlock your files. It costs 0.125 Bitcoin, which is 817 USD at today’s price. To purchase it from crooks, you need to drop an email message to and then pay a ransom. The message the ransom note dropped contains says that the free decryption service is available for computers “located from commonwealth of independent states countries and Islamic republic of Iran.” The victim must send a copy of an identity document to cyber criminals behind Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware to prove his/her citizenship. We know you need your files back, but we cannot let you make a payment or send a copy of your document to bad people. In the first case, they might take your money but do not give you the promised decryption tool, whereas in the second case, you might experience identity theft.

Where does Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware come from?

It is not very easy to talk about the Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware distribution, but we suspect that cyber criminals will use the usual distribution methods to promote it. In other words, it should be mainly spread via spam emails. An email holding malicious software might look completely harmless. In fact, it might even seem that a reputable company has sent it to you, so carefully inspect any new email attachment you are about to open. Security specialists say that users should stop downloading software from random websites too because they might end up with malware in no time. Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware is no doubt quite sophisticated malware, but we can assure you that even more harmful threats exist and might enter your system without your knowledge one day. You will considerably reduce the chances of encountering serious computer threats by enabling security software on your PC.

How to remove Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware

You cannot turn the clock back and take action to prevent Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware from entering your system, but you can still delete this threat to make sure it cannot encrypt more personal files on your computer. You should delete the malicious launcher the first thing and then eliminate # How to Decrypt Files.html. Deleting malicious software automatically is no doubt an easier way to clean the system.

Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Locate recently downloaded files (you should be able to find them in %USERPROFILE%\Downloads).
  3. Remove them all.
  4. Remove # How to Decrypt Files.html.
  5. Empty Trash.
  6. Launch a reliable antimalware tool and perform a full system scan. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Kraken Cryptor 1.5 Ransomware*

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