Koler Ransomware

What is Koler Ransomware?

Koler Ransomware is a screen-locking infection that affects Android devices. Unlike the most common ransomware programs that attack Windows systems and encrypt the files they find on those systems, Koler Ransomware does not encrypt anything. Rather than holding your files hostage, the infection tries to convince you that you have committed something illegal and thus you need to pay the fine to unlock your device. Needles to say, you need to remove this infection without even thinking of paying the supposed “fine.” You have done nothing wrong, and the program only wants to scare you into thinking that you are a criminal.

Where does Koler Ransomware come from?

The exact distribution source for this infection is not clear, but we do know that the program is adapted for Android systems from the notorious Reveton Ransomware. What’s more, the infection was first discovered in 2014, so users can still catch it out in the open even after almost four years.

At first, the infection was also distributed as a PornHub application, so it used to be delivered via adult websites before. However, right now we have found that the infection usually reaches its victims via text messages. Hence, it spreads via Android devices that have SIM cards.

Yet, even here, the program does not seem to be that unique, because the message that users receive via text message has been applied before in a Facebook Messenger scam, when Facebook users used to be spammed with social engineering messages, carrying corrupted outgoing links.

The same method is applied for Koler Ransomware, too. The infection spreads as a worm also known as Worm.Koler. Worms are self-replicating infections that can spread on their own accord. So if it infects one system, it automatically sends a copy of itself to all the contacts in the infected person’s address book. Likewise, if you open the message and get infected, the program spreads further, sending malicious text messages to all of your friends.

What does Koler Ransomware do?

When your device gets attacked by this infection, you receive a text message that says someone made a new profile on some social networking website and uploaded your photos to it. This message might sound very random, but when we remember that it was used for Facebook Messenger scam, it makes sense. Also, together with the message, there comes an outgoing URL link. The link is shortened (using the bit.ly format), so it is not possible to tell which website it leads you to.

Clicking the link redirects users to a seemingly legitimate Dropbox page. There, you will see a message that urges you to download an application called PhotoViewer. Up until this moment, your device has not been infected with Koler Ransomware yet. However, the moment you download and run this so-called photo viewing app, you will experience the infection in its full swing.

When that happens, Koler Ransomware locks you out of your device, saying that child pornography and other illegal material was found on your phone. Then it says that you have to pay a fine for the crimes you have committed. Needless to say, it is really frightening to see such a notification on your screen, even if you know that you have done nothing wrong. Not to mention, it may look as though all of your files are gone for good.

However, there is no need to panic because (as mentioned) Koler Ransomware does not encrypt your files. It merely locks your screen and prevents you from accessing your apps.

How do I remove Koler Ransomware?

It might be too complicated for you to remove Koler Ransomware on your own, so it would be for the best to refer to a professional technician. The most important thing when you get infected with this ransomware is to refrain from doing what the infection wants you to do.

It is possible to delete the infection by rebooting your device in Safe Mode. Once again, if you do not know how to do it, please address a professional. Also, once the device loads in Safe Mode, you should remove the PhotoViewer app that is responsible for installing this ransomware on your system. Finally, please be careful about the random messages you receive on your phone. If they have outgoing links, it is very likely that it is a scam. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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