KillBot_Virus Ransomware

What is KillBot_Virus Ransomware?

KillBot_Virus Ransomware is a new infection that is bound to grow into something extremely big and nasty. At the moment, however, the program does not do much. It merely scares users into thinking their files have been encrypted. Please do not panic. You can remove KillBot_Virus Ransomware without much difficulty, but you need to consider protecting your system from other infections in the future. And we are not talking just about investing in a licensed security tool. You should also review your web browsing habits because that is also an important part of keeping your computer and your personal data safe.test

Where does KillBot_Virus Ransomware come from?

There is not much information on the distribution of this program yet. Since the infection is still under development, it is very likely that certain systems get infected with it directly. It most probably happens through an unsafe remote desktop connection. However, that is not the only way a ransomware program could enter your computer.

In fact, the most common ransomware distribution method involves spam email. Users often download spam email attachments without any second thought. It can be really dangerous to open unfamiliar files on your computer because you could unleash a dangerous infection (like KillBot_Virus Ransomware) with just a single click! If you do not know whether the file you have downloaded is safe or not, please do not hesitate to scan it with a security tool. It would definitely decrease the possibilities of a malware infection.

Also, it would not be surprising if eventually, KillBot_Virus Ransomware were to be distributed via drive-by downloads or malicious pop-ups. Here we are talking about a type of websites that often embed a lot of commercial advertisements and random pop-ups that spring into your screen the moment you click something. For the most part, it is extremely annoying, but it might also be dangerous if the developers behind KillBot_Virus Ransomware make use of such opportunities. Hence, the bottom line is that you have to be really careful when you browse the web because you can never know when a malware infection decides to attack you.

What does KillBot_Virus Ransomware do?

Here, perhaps, we should talk more about what this program does NOT do, and what it might be ABLE to do later on. As it was already mentioned, KillBot_Virus Ransomware barely does anything aside from scaring users into believing that their system security has been compromised.

Upon the infection, this program will lock your screen by displaying a warning message. The message will say that “Killbot is a virus that encrypts files and data and infects them.” The message also says that “your files cannot be restored; however there are some steps to follow if you don’t want it on your computer.” It does not say that you should transfer a ransom fee or anything. The program simply states that this is it, and you have to start anew. It always makes the impression that your desktop has been locked, but our research team says it is easy to bypass that.

Finally, the program does NOT encrypt anything, but if its developers continue working on it, it should eventually be able to encrypt every single file on the affected system using the AES encryption algorithm. What’s more, the program may also be able to block such system utilities as Command Prompt, Control Panel, Registry Editor, and Task Manager. This shows that KillBot_Virus Ransomware has a potential to become an extremely dangerous infection. All the more so because it would not leave you any other choice but to start anew: the program would encrypt every single file on the system, and it would not even offer the decryption key.

How do I remove KillBot_Virus Ransomware?

At the moment, you can close the screen message with the Alt+Tab command, and then delete the most recently downloaded files that must have initiated the KillBot_Virus Ransomware launch. When you are done with that, do not forget to scan your system looking for more potentially unwanted or dangerous programs. The crux of malware infection is that dangerous programs often travel in packs. Hence, you need to make sure that your PC is absolutely clean. For more information, please feel free to leave us a comment.

Manual KillBot_Virus Ransomware Removal

  1. Press Alt+Tab and the screen lock message will close.
  2. Open your Downloads folder.
  3. Delete the most recently downloaded files.
  4. Run a full system scan. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of KillBot_Virus Ransomware*

Stop these KillBot_Virus Ransomware Processes:

KillBot Virus.exe

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