Kill Lambdalocker

What is Kill Lambdalocker?

If your computer is under attack by Kill Lambdalocker, you may lose all your important personal files, including your photos, videos, documents, archives, and program files. According to our malware specialists this ransomware infection may be targeting mostly Russian-speaking countries as well as China based on the e-mail server (“Yandex”) used in relation to this attack. Of course, this vicious malware threat is all about extorting money from you in exchange for the decryption key. However, if you do not want to lose hundreds of dollars on top of your files, we do not advise you to contact these crooks or transfer them any money. First, you should consider whether the encrypted files are worth this much at all. Second, there is little chance only that you will actually get the required decryption key without which it is virtually impossible to decipher your files. We recommend that you remove Kill Lambdalocker ransomware immediately if you plan to use your computer in the future.

Where does Kill Lambdalocker come from?

There are a couple of ways for this vicious program to slither onto your system if you are not cautious enough or your system is not protected by up-to-date security software. It is possible, for example, if your browsers and drivers, such as Java and Adobe Flash, are not updated that you drop this ransomware onto your machine by landing on malicious webpages armed with Exploit Kits (e.g., Angler). If you load such a page in your outdated browser, it drops Kill Lambdalocker right away without your engaging with any content on this page.

It is possible that you click on some unsafe third-party content to end up on such a page. Therefore, you should avoid clicking on random third-party ads and using questionable search engines as well as visiting suspicious file-sharing websites, including torrent and freeware pages or any other sites that promote potentially unreliable commercials. You may also download a malicious bundle of malware infections by clicking on such content that could contain this ransomware. Therefore, we recommend that you delete Kill Lambdalocker and scan your system with a trustworthy online malware scanner to find out how many other infections are threatening the normal operations of your PC.

Another generally used method is spamming campaigns in which the malicious executable file is disguised as an important attachment that needs to be seen right away. This can be pretended to be an image, a video with alleged pornographic content, or a text document with macro. You may not even realize that you are viewing a spam that could cause such a terrible loss. The sender name and e-mail address could appear to be legitimate or even authorities that you would not even dare to question like local police, etc. The subject matter of these spam mails are usually related to invoices and bookings so that you would most likely open them even if you do not feel related. However, when you open such a spam, you will not really find any detailed information with regard to the supposed matter; you need to view the attached file in order to see what is going on. This is when you actually initiate this malicious attack. Removing Kill Lambdalocker ransomware after you notice it on your computer will not restore your encrypted files but this is still what you should do if you want to use a secure PC.

How does Kill Lambdalocker work?

Our malware specialists say that this malware infection may use a combination of SHA-256 and AES-256 algorithms to encrypt your precious personal files. When a file gets encrypted, it gets a new extension, ".lambda_l0cked" that identifies this ransomware program. After the encryption is done, the ransom note files are created in all the folders where files were encrypted as well as on the desktop. This file is called “READ_IT.hTml.” This is the file that is shown to you once the whole malicious operation is over. This note is in English and Chinese languages. You are asked to pay 0.5 Bitcoins, which is about 461 dollars, if you want to get the decryption key needed for recovering your files. You are given a unique ID that identifies your PC, which you need to send in an e-mail to “” and write “decryptLL” as the subject as instructed in the note.

It is important that you understand that cyber criminals rarely decrypt your files or send you the key after your payment is received. It may be on purpose on their part but it is also possible that technical failures or issues emerge, for example the remote server has to be shut down to cover their tracks; this would mean the loss of your decryption key. In any case, we do not advise you to pay these cyber crooks. In fact, we recommend that you remove Kill Lambdalocker right away.

How can I delete Kill Lambdalocker?

Once you exit the ransom note, you can simply delete the related files and that is how you can eliminate this dangerous infection from your computer. If you need assistance, you can use our guide below this article. As you experienced, it is very easy to infect your computer with even such a major threat. So, if you want to feel secure in your virtual world, you either need to become a more cautious web surfer or you need to employ a decent professional anti-malware program, such as SpyHunter. If you keep this software always updated and activated, you could have the best automatic protection against all kinds of malware threats.

Remove Kill Lambdalocker from Windows

  1. Tap Alt+F4 to close the ransom note file.
  2. Tap Win+E.
  3. Bin the malicious file you saved or dropped and then, launched.
  4. Delete all ransom note files (“READ_IT.hTml”).
  5. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  6. Restart your computer.
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