Kill Alphashoppers Ads

What is Kill Alphashoppers Ads?

Kill Alphashoppers Ads as a browser extension for Google Chrome that our security experts have classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and suggest that you remove it because its primary goal is to show you annoying advertisements. It might get onto your PC accidentally because its developers distribute it using several methods. Some of these methods are more deceptive and can install this program on your PC without your knowledge. However, there is no conclusive evidence that Kill Alphashoppers Ads is actually malicious. Still, you ought to be careful because it comes from an unknown developer.

Where does Kill Alphashoppers Ads come from?

Kill Alphashoppers Ads has a dedicated distribution website at, but it has no mention of the company that developed or published it. The fact that the origins of this program cannot be traced casts a shadow on its legitimacy. Nevertheless, you can get this browser extension from the Chrome Web Store. Its website also redirects to this store, and it is presented as an entirely legitimate application that will offer you the best online deals. While its origins are unknown, our researchers have connected some dots and concluded that this application is similar to Chipopo, Sadooma, and Torpedo Deals, so all of them must come from the same source.

Our malware analysts believe that this program’s developers could have made arrangements to bundle it with third-party software installers featured on dedicated freeware hosting websites. Those installers might install Kill Alphashoppers Ads automatically but, then again, some of them might be upfront about the contents of the installer and allow you to deselect its installation. Researchers have also found that this program is quite popular in Israel, so it might be promoted on Israeli websites or some Israel-based software distributing sites might feature it on its bundles. Now, let us take a look at what this program does.

What does Kill Alphashoppers Ads do?

One of the actions Kill Alphashoppers Ads can do is replace your browser’s homepage and new tab page address. The URL of the search engine does not show up in the address box, however. This search engine redirects all of the search queries to and then a Google Custom Search search engine. This search engine can feature customized links that can be manipulated and altered by the developers. The search results can feature promotional links of unverified legitimacy that can redirect you to rather questionable websites and possibly even malicious websites that feature malware downloads.

In addition, the search engine might collect some information about you in order to customize the ads and generate more advertising revenue as a result. The information that this search engine can obtain automatically is of non-personally identifiable nature. This information can include your IP address and, by extension, your approximate geographical location, search queries entered, browsing history, operating system type, and so on. While many legitimate search engines also collect this information you should not allow to obtain it because the developers of Kill Alphashoppers Ads will use it to show you personalized, yet highly unreliable search results. Therefore, we think that you ought to get rid of this search engine and browser extension to avoid detrimental consequences.

How do I remove Kill Alphashoppers Ads?

In conclusion, Kill Alphashoppers Ads is a highly unreliable browser extension for Google Chrome whose primary objective is to replace your browser’s homepage and new tab page to its featured search engine in order to present you with ad-supported search results. Indeed, the search engine is all about generating advertising revenue, so you should not expect it to present you with relevant search results. If you want to remove Kill Alphashoppers Ads and its accompanying search engine, please follow the instructions below, or get an antimalware application that will get rid of it for you.

Removal Guide

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously press Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools and click Extensions.
  4. Find Alpha Shoppers.
  5. Click the Remove button.
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