What is KeepCop?

KeepCop is a rogue antispyware application and will not help your computer like the name suggests. It actually comes from the same family as similar AntiAID antispyware applications. The truth of the matter is that everything about KeepCop is fake. KeepCop may gain access to your computer without your knowledge or consent via a certain Trojan or a security hole within your internet browser. KeepCop will install itself on your computer system and will make sure that it automatically activates each time that you start up Windows. KeepCop will show you a fake system scan, which will look like there is a real system scan of your computer taking place. Everything which KeepCop does is all part of the big plan in order to try and steal your money. Do not fall for any of this, as you will only be left with no money and a computer that completely malfunctions and is problematic.

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