What is JustMineIt?

The JustMineIt browser extension is presented as a useful tool for mining cryptocurrency using the ordinary web browser. At the time of research, it was compatible with Google Chrome only, which means that only those users who use this web browser can start mining cryptocurrency. There are thousands of users who use Google Chrome to surf the Internet, so even though JustMineIt was not popular software at the time of writing, it does not mean that its popularity cannot increase in the future. If you have found JustMineIt at the Chrome Web Store, but still cannot decide what to do with it, you should know that there are no guarantees that you could earn money with the help of JustMineIt. On top of that, it has been categorized as a potentially unwanted program, meaning that it has several drawbacks that make it an untrustworthy extension. Of course, you are the one who can decide what to do, so we suggest that you read this entire report before you make your final decision because we are sure you will change your opinion about JustMineIt even if it does look useful software today.testtest

What does JustMineIt do?

JustMineIt is presented as a piece of software that will “use your Browser and computer CPU to mine Monero.” Users just need to enter the public key and set how many percents of the computer’s CPU power will be used to mine cryptocurrency to start performing this activity. This sounds like an easy to way to earn some money, but, in our opinion, you should find another more trustworthy tool if you decide to start mining cryptocurrency using your PC’s resources. What you should know about these cryptocurrency miners is that they might considerably slow down your computer because they use computing power. Therefore, if you use an older computer, we do not recommend installing a cryptocurrency miner on it. Have you already installed JustMineIt? If you can locate this extension installed on your PC, you should remove it mercilessly because it is not fully reliable. Research conducted by specialists working at anti-spyware-101.com has clearly shown that this piece of software might start showing the sponsored content, for example, advertisements. Theoretically, these ads might cause serious problems because they might redirect straight to untrustworthy websites. What else research has revealed is that JustMineIt automatically collects information about users. You should check its Privacy Policy to find all details it records listed there, but what you should know for now is that it might record both non-personally identifiable and personally-identifiable information. Of course, it could record personal details only if you provide them yourself.

Where does JustMineIt come from?

According to researchers, there is no doubt that some users install JustMineIt willingly from the Chrome Web Store or http://justmineit.com/, which is known to be its official website, because they believe they could start mining Monero cryptocurrency immediately after installing this extension. What users do not know about it is that it is a typical potentially unwanted program, meaning that it is not fully reliable software. Of course, not all users install this piece of software themselves. We are sure some users cannot even explain why they have this extension listed next to other active Google Chrome add-ons, but, to tell you the truth, it is not so easy to talk about alternative distribution methods used to spread this potentially unwanted program. It should mainly travel bundled, specialists say, but it might be actively spread in a different way as well. Unfortunately, potentially unwanted programs are becoming more and more prevalent. Because of this, you should not keep your system unprotected.

How to delete JustMineIt

If you do not like how JustMineIt acts, or its appearance on your computer is still a secret to you, you should delete it mercilessly. Luckily, it is nothing near real malware, so you should be able to remove it without any problems. Of course, if you have never erased an undesirable browser extension from the system yourself before, it would be smart to follow the step-by-step manual removal guide provided below. What else you can do to delete JustMineIt from your computer is scanning the system with a reputable antimalware scanner. The latter removal method should be adopted by less experienced users because they will only need to launch the scanner they are going to use to get JustMineIt deleted fully.

JustMineIt removal guide

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Tap Alt+F and click More tools.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Select JustMineIt.
  5. Click the Trash button. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of JustMineIt*

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