Jordan Ransomware

What is Jordan Ransomware?

Jordan Ransomware is a rather peculiar computer infection that mostly gives users a good scare. It is very far from being a decent ransomware program because it does not do the one thing all ransomware infections are famous for. This program does not have the ability to encrypt your files, so its threats and requirements are totally groundless. In a sense, there is only one thing you have to do right now: you need to remove Jordan Ransomware and be done with it. Of course, there could be more unwanted applications installed on your computer, so it would be a good idea to run a full system scan.testtest

Where does Jordan Ransomware come from?

This program does not belong to any prominent group of ransomware applications. Our research shows that the application is not popular, and it is not spreading around much. It is very likely that only a handful of computers were infected with Jordan Ransomware, as the program itself looks like a joke. Perhaps its developers simply wanted to see whether the code works in the first place.

It is not clear how Jordan Ransomware spreads around, although ransomware programs could easily employ several distribution methods. First, it could be distributed via spam email attachments. It is the most common ransomware distribution method, so if you have recently downloaded and opened some attachment, that must have been it.

Our researchers also say that spam email is probably the reason Jordan Ransomware is there on your computer. There are also other ways for a ransomware program to infect target systems, but it does not seem like this infection would employ them. At least not until the criminals behind it would regroup and develop the program further. But when that time happens, you will be ready to face the threat head on.

What does Jordan Ransomware do?

Actually, this section should be titled, what Jordan Ransomware cannot do. Normally, when a ransomware program enters its target, it runs a full system scan to locate all the files it can encrypt. However, this program does not do that because it cannot encrypt your files in the first place.

It only says that your files have been affected because you have been watching pornography. So the ransomware tries to make it seem as though it is punishing you for an illegal act, but it cannot do anything of the sort. So the ransom note that appears on your screen works as a good scare, rather than an actual threat:

Your PC has been fucked by this lowely boy right there, and your files hawe been locked with a military security. You have been caught watching PORN, which is illegal. So, bye bye files, unless you send 10.000 SC (Scammer Coins) to the address:


And don’t even think of remowing this. Trying to kill the proess will DDoS your internet faster than a Dildo.

It is not clear what the criminals are aiming for by using such tone and spelling, but perhaps some users would feel compelled to purchase the digital currency and get their files back, when they see quite a few curse-words on their screen. Nevertheless, as we have already established, the program will not affect your files, and you can easily close the notification with a single click of your mouse.

How do I remove Jordan Ransomware?

Likewise, it is not complicated to remove the infection. You should go through the list of most-recently downloaded files and delete the items that look suspicious. For example, if you opened a particular document and right after that, the Jordan Ransomware notification popped up on your screen that is the file you are looking for.

If you are not sure which files or applications have to be deleted from your system, scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner. A full system scan will identify all the potential threats, and you will be able to remove the unwanted programs automatically.

In fact, automatic software removal is the most efficient way to restore your system to its previous state. Also, malicious infections seldom travel on their own, so you will be able to terminate several security issues at the same time. On top of that, a computer security application of your choice will protect your system from the likes of Jordan Ransomware in the future.

Manual Jordan Ransomware Removal

  1. Navigate to the Downloads folder.
  2. Find the most recently launched file.
  3. Highlight and delete the file.
  4. Empty your Recycle Bin.
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