Jabacrypter Ransomware

What is Jabacrypter Ransomware?

Have you been introduced to the ransom note of Jabacrypter Ransomware? If you have, this infection has slithered into your operating system and encrypted your personal files. It is unlikely that it has encrypted your system files, but if that has happened, some of the programs installed on your PC might crash, and your computer might be running disorderly. All in all, ransomware infections usually go after personal files, just because the victims are more likely to want to recover them. If you have no backups for your photos, videos, documents, and other sensitive files, you are likely to follow the instructions given to you by cyber criminals, but that is not something Anti-Spyware-101.com research team advises doing. If you pay the ransom, the crooks will take your money, but they are unlikely to help you in return. The promise is that all files would be decrypted if you paid the ransom, but the creator of the threat might be willing to tell you anything just to get your money. We discuss this more in the report, but we focus on the removal of the infection. If you wish to delete Jabacrypter Ransomware too, keep reading.

How does Jabacrypter Ransomware work?

Our research team has researched and reviewed hundreds of file-encrypting ransomware infections. Some of them are Oblivion Ransomware, Nransom Ransomware, Greystars Ransomware, and, of course, Jabacrypter Ransomware. Whether these infections are built by amateurs or highly aggressive and intelligent cyber criminals, all of them are meant to encrypt files and bring in money. The infection we are discussing in this report uses a file named “! ПРОЧТИ МЕНЯ.html” to give you more information. The message in the file is in Russian, and it informs that files were encrypted, and that only the creators can decrypt them. It also states that you can recover your files if you are willing to show your generosity, which indicates that cyber criminals expect you to pay a ransom. No further details about the payment are offered; however, the victim is pushed to email jabanenok@gmail.com. If you set up a communication with the creator of Jabacrypter Ransomware, they should send you information regarding the payment, but you should not jump into following the instructions blindly. As we warned you before, paying the ransom is a bad idea. Communicating with cyber criminals can be dangerous too because they could flood your inbox with spam emails, scam messages, and malware installers. If you notice such emails, delete them ASAP.

If your personal files are no longer readable, the “.cryptfile” extension is added to their names, and a strange ransom note is represented via a file named “! ПРОЧТИ МЕНЯ.html,” there is no doubt that you are dealing with Jabacrypter Ransomware, but how did it get in? That is the question all victims of this malicious infection need to ask themselves. Our malware researchers indicate that cyber criminals could use remote access to your operating system to drop the infection, and this access could be granted, for example, by a malicious Trojan that is silently active on your operating system. You also could execute the infection yourself by opening a malicious spam email attachment or downloading a malware bundle from an unreliable source. Overall, if you need to delete Jabacrypter Ransomware, there is a good chance that you also need to worry about the removal of other threats. Use a legitimate malware scanner to figure this out.

How to delete Jabacrypter Ransomware

You need to remove Jabacrypter Ransomware from your operating system, and you need to do it fast. You also need to eliminate all other active infections. As long as your system is beleaguered with malware, you are not safe. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that much can be done about the files that were corrupted by the ransomware. Do you have backups? Hopefully, you do because decrypting the original copies appears to be impossible. Sure, you could take the risk of paying the ransom, but that is not an option we even recommend thinking about. If you failed to secure your files by creating backups, make sure you take this issue seriously in the future. Now, what about the removal of Jabacrypter Ransomware? It is best to utilize an anti-malware program for this task, and this can help you immensely if other threats exist as well. After automatically deleting all infections, this program will continue guarding you. You could also try to erase the threat manually, but note that this task can be extremely complicated.

Removal Guide

  1. Simultaneously tap Win+E keys to access Windows Explorer.
  2. Enter every pathinto the bar at the top to check for malware:
    • %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
    • %USERPROFILE%\Downloads
    • %TEMP%
  3. If you find the launcher file, right-click it and select Delete. If the file is not found, you might find it in a different directory.
  4. Right-click the ! ПРОЧТИ МЕНЯ.html file and select Delete.
  5. Scan your system using a legitimate malware scanner to make sure you have erased all infections. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Jabacrypter Ransomware*

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