Internet Security 2011

What is Internet Security 2011?

When it comes to Internet Security 2011 you need to be warned that it not going to ever help your computer system. Internet Security 2011 is a highly risky fake software that is being spread with serious Trojan infections. No matter what tricks and tactics you see you need to know that these are simply made to scare computer users. The name Internet Security 2011 has been chosen wisely because there are some really serious programs that have a very familiar name.
Internet Security 2011 uses false system scans, false system scan report results as well as false computer security notifications. Many users have reported that Internet Security 2011 blocks all popular security programs, may hide the desktop or prevent a user from running an executable file. These errors are done on purpose so that a user is being pushed into a corner and have no other option that to buy a license for Internet Security 2011.

Don't be caught up in this scam and ignore all these tactics. Internet Security 2011 is not a real security and any program that uses such aggressive marketing tactics must be terminated from the computer as soon as possible.

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