Internet Protection

What is Internet Protection?

Every software application has to be updated sooner or later, and Internet Protection is using that in order to slither into your system. This rogue antispyware is distributed through fake online scanners and Trojan infections which supposedly update Adobe Flash. Unfortunately, there is nothing beneficial that Internet Protection could offer, and in case of contamination, it is recommended to deal with this rogue immediately.
Internet Protection is a clone of Antimalware Tool and Security Defender. All these rogues share similar interfaces, and in some cases, even their fake alerts are the same. For example, after the fake scan which the programs perform, Antimalware Tool and Internet Protection “detect” practically the same unwanted items, such as TrojanDownloader: Win32/Renos.JI or Spyware: Win32/CnsMin. They also share practically the same fake alerts, including:

Internet Protection
Your system has come under attack of harmful software. Click here to deactivate it.

Internet Protection
External software tries to control variety of your system files. This may lead to breaking of some data in your system. Click here to protect remote access to your PC & delete these programs.

However, Internet Protection is different from its predecessors in a sense that it has one more fake alert, notifying you about keylogger activity in your computer. It informs you that your account in social network is under attack, and you must remove threats to block the unauthorized modification. Yet, despite the fact that Internet Protection looks like a genuine security program, it is a malicious application designed to cause nothing, but harm.

This rogue will try to convince you that your computer has been compromised, and you need to remove the threats using Internet Protection. But once you try to do so, the program will prompt you that you need to activate, i.e. buy license for it if you wish to continue. Naturally, you should never pay for this malicious application, because that would simply result in a total loss of your money.

Do not fall for the messages that you receive from Internet Protection. There are no infections in your computer save for the rogue itself, and you should do whatever you can to get rid of it as soon as possible. You can try removing it manually, or, if you find it a bit too much of a task for you, delete Internet Protection by using a reliable automatic malware removal tool. Whatever you do, just make sure it disappears from your computer for good.

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