Internet Security Pro

What is Internet Security Pro?

Internet Security Pro is a fake antivirus program else known as rogue antispyware application. It looks and behaves like a regular computer safeguard application, but it constantly displays fake security notifications about false infections. Everything Internet Security Pro does is devised in order to reap financial gain – when user is convinced that his/her computer is infected with malware, he/she is pushed into purchase the full version of Internet Security Pro. Needless to say, that this is the main reason why the rogue enters your PC, and you have to close the program and remove Internet Security Pro right now.

What does Internet Security Pro?

Internet Security Pro obviously causes erratic computer system behavior. It does not differ from a huge bunch of other rogues that enter systems surreptitiously, and then unleash a variety of infection symptoms, making users think that their computers are abundant with malware, while in fact there’s only one application causing havoc. For example, Internet Security Pro runs a fake system scan and then presents you with a list of supposed malware infections, such as Backdoor.Win32.Scrab.p, saying that these infections are responsible for slowing down your computer. Naturally, that is not the case; Internet Security Pro only tries to convince you that you have no other way out of this situation but to buy the full version of this rogue antispyware application.

How to remove Internet Security Pro?

First of all, you need to close the rogue’s purchase page and keep your credit card information to yourself. Should you reveal your credit card information to a third party, your bank account would be hacked and your money would be stolen. Therefore, close the program right now and acquire a reliable antimalware application that will remove Internet Security Pro for you automatically. Of course, it is also possible to delete the infection manually, but users are not recommended to choose this option unless they are computer experts. Manual removal requires you to operate Registry Editor and since this utility has not undo function, you could accidentally delete vital system files. Therefore, do not hesitate to invest in a legitimate computer security program that will not only remove Internet Security Pro, but will also protect your system from similar intruders.

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