Internet Security

What is Internet Security?

We have been working hard to secure the safety of multiple computer systems worldwide, but due to such rogues as Internet Security sometimes all the efforts of security experts seem to be in vain. This rogue belongs to a huge nest of malicious computer applications such as Privacy Protection and thus it is able to trick inexperienced users into thinking that their computers are heavily infected and they need to use Internet Security to terminate those non-existent viruses.

Internet Security has a wide distribution system. This rogue can enter your computer via fake online video codec download, spam email or by using the so-called blackhat SEO technique. When the rogue makers use blackhat SEO technique they embed a popular search keyword into a site that is infected with Internet Security, and when users search for that particular term, the link to the infected website appears at the top of the search. Then the user clicks the link and gets automatically infected by Internet Security.

Then Internet Security performs a fake system scan looking for malware and actually “detecting” some. Do not believe in anything this rogue says, because it only wants your money. If you want to get rid of all the annoying pop-up messages and fake security notifications, you have to remove Internet Security for good. Get yourself a reliable computer security program that will do that for you in no time and protect your computer against other malware attacks.

The rogue removal will be easier if you used this activation code to “register” the rogue:


After the activation Internet Security will stop sending you various fake security alert messages.

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Automatic Internet Security Removal

If you remove Internet Security automatically, you will make sure that the rogue does not permanently harm any of your files. At the same time the program that you delete Internet Security with will perform a full scan of your system, checking for other possible threats – that is a definite bonus. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user you will notice the benefits of automatic removal at once. Here’s what you have to do in order to erase Internet Security from your computer:

1) When Internet Security offers you to delete the threats click “Yes, activate Internet Security now” button. A fake activation webpage will be loaded. There you can use this activation code to “register” Internet Security: Y86REW-T75FD5-U9VBF4A. It will unblock your executables and Internet connection, and you will be able to download SpyHunter. Or, when the fake activation window loads, simply click Ctrl+N and a new browser window will show up. From there go to SpyHunter’s website, download the program, install it and remove Internet Security.

2) You can also download SpyHunter on a computer that has no infections, copy the installation file into a USB flash drive and then plug the drive into the infected computer. Copy the installation file to your machine, install SpyHunter and run the program. It will perform a full system scan and delete Internet Security at once.
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Manual Internet Security Removal

Manual removal is a lot more difficult than the automatic one, because it requires extensive computer knowledge. You might actually accidentally delete some important system files while trying to remove Internet Security and then your system will stop functioning at once. However, if you are sure of your computing skills, here’s the course of actions you should follow to remove Internet Security manually:

1) Stop the following processes:

2) Open Registry Editor to remove the following Security Shield-related registry entries:
3) Once you have edited the Registry, find the following that are directly related to Internet Security and delete them as well:


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