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If has been set on your web browser without your knowledge, it means that you have encountered the browser hijacker. It changes browsers’ settings by installing the add-on named Inspiratiooo. This browser hijacker might be spread bundled with other applications and, on top of that, it is very likely that it is promoted via pop-up advertisements, but users themselves can consciously install this browser hijacker from the official Chrome Web store ( as well. Needless to say, it works exactly the same in all the cases. It is advertised as useful software “for beautiful browsing and search experience” at the Chrome Web Store; however, researchers at have decided to categorize it as a browser hijacker because it usually alters browsers’ settings without the users’ knowledge. Luckily, it affects only Google Chrome, so its removal will not take long. If you have never erased any undesirable extension from your PC, you might find the removal quite difficult. To help you remove it from your browser, we have placed the manual removal guide below this report – you are welcome to use it.testtesttest

What does do? is set as a new homepage, default search tool, and New Tab URL on users’ Google Chrome browsers when the Inspiratiooo browser extension affects their web browsers. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it might enter users’ PCs without their knowledge, or users might install it themselves willingly from its official source. No matter how it appears on users’ computers, it acts the same. That is, it sets The page set contains a search box, inspirational quotes, and a digital clock. We do not say that there is something malicious about it, but we still suggest that you remove if you do not know anything about its appearance. Our researchers say that users should not perform web searches using the search tool promoted by the Inspiratiooo browser extension as well. It has been observed that all users’ searches go through before they are provided with Yahoo! search results. Because of this, some sponsored links might be displayed to users as well. These links are not something very malicious, but they might take you to dubious pages if you click on them. This might happen even if you click on them accidentally. Last but not least, if you keep the Inspiratiooo extension installed, it might automatically receive and record certain non-personally identifiable details. For example, logs from your browser, IP address, browser type and version, cookie information, and much more. These details might still provide some information about you, so we would not allow the suspicious browser extension record those details if we were you. It will no longer perform this activity on your computer only if you disable it, so it would be smart to do this right away.

Where does come from?

If you are reading this article from the beginning, you should already know that is a page directly associated with the extension called Inspiratiooo. Some users install it on their computers themselves from the Chrome Web Store, but many people cannot even explain why they have it installed on their computers, which is a clear sign that this piece of software might enter users’ PCs illegally and then apply changes to their browsers. It is the main reason why it has been categorized as a browser hijacker. Researchers say that it might travel bundled with other applications. Most probably, users install it together with software downloaded from the web. In addition, some users might find Inspiratiooo installed on their computers after clicking on a commercial advertisement promoting it. It seems that the majority of users who have found set on their browsers live in Egypt, India, and Indonesia. If you are one of those users, it would be best to get rid of it today.

How to delete

The appearance of is directly linked to the installation of the Google Chrome browser extension called Inspiratiooo. Therefore, to remove this page from your browser, you need to get rid of this add-on. If you need some help, use our step-by-step manual removal instructions provided below. You could erase it with an antimalware scanner even though it is not harmful malware as well. The choice is yours. removal guide

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Open its menu by pressing Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools and open Extensions.
  4. Select the Inspiratiooo browser extension.
  5. Click the Trash button. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of*

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