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Users might download extension from the Chrome Web Store or Mozilla Add-ons web page. Probably, they do not realize that even legitimate websites might offer such a doubtful application. Our researchers at categorized it as a browser hijacker because the software might change user’s homepage on the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. What's more, it appears to be that belongs to the Superweb family, so it is quite similar to its previously released browser hijackers. You should also be aware that the extension could show you ads with links to potentially harmful third-party content. Therefore, you should delete the application from your computer as soon as possible. If you need any help with that, take a look at the removal instructions bellow the text.testtesttest

How does work?

As we mentioned before the extension works only on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, so the Internet Explorer browser should remain unaffected. should hijack your default homepage, but in cases, it could also change your new tab page. As a result, when you open your browser it will load This site uses Yahoo search engine to collect the results, but the browser hijacker could modify them. The extension’s End User License Agreement says that it “may integrate third-party content.” Also, it states that such content could include “feeds, search results, APIs, links, information, websites, web pages, services, claims, promotions, offers, statements, data files <…> or other content displayed, promoted, or otherwise made available through third parties.”

The ads might look fun or interesting to you, but it would be best to avoid them. Some advertisements might lead you to potentially harmful third-party web pages. A third-party site could collect your sensitive information and share it with other interested parties without your knowledge. For instance, it could ask you to submit your name, email address, telephone number, or other private information in exchange of free software trials or other freebies. Also, there is a chance that the ads could redirect you to websites that contain malware.

Where does come from?

Apparently, the extension is promoted not only on the web pages we mentioned at the beginning ( and but also on the application’s official site ( In fact, it might come with bundled installers too. Most likely, such installers should be distributed through suspicious file-sharing pages. If you did not notice in the installation wizard, you should be more attentive next time.

How to delete

If you wish to uninstall the application, you should know that the browser hijacker cannot be removed via Control Panel. The deletion process is a little bit more complicated in this case, but if you follow the instruction below you should manage to get rid of Nevertheless, you could also eliminate it with a legitimate antimalware tool. It would find and erase the browsers hijacker’s created folders. Also, it could remove the extension from your browser. If you want a tool that would protect your system from malware or suspicious programs in the future, the antimalware tool would seem to be a perfect choice for you.


  1. Open the Explorer.
  2. Locate the following paths separately: %PROGRAMFILES%; %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%
  3. Find a folder titled as InmotionSearch in each location.
  4. Right-click them separately and press Delete.

Erase from browsers

Internet Explorer

  1. Press ALT+X and select Manage add-ons.
  2. Click on Toolbars and extensions.
  3. Select the unwanted extension and delete it.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press CTRL+SHIFT+A and select Extensions.
  2. Mark the browser hijacker and click Remove.
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