Infolinks is a legitimate advertising platform that displays in-text advertisements. This advertizing network is used by a number of website owners who want to earn money by displaying Infolinks advertisements on their pages. When users enter websites and see underlined keywords, they know that the moment they would hover their mouse above a specific word, an advertisement would pop up. In a way, it may seem as though the website your are visiting or your browser is infected with adware, but Infolinks is an absolutely legitimate advertising network, and it is embedded into a specific website, because its owner wanted to do so.

How does Infolinks display advertisements?

This advertising network makes use of a particular algorithm that finds and then converts particular keywords in the text into hyperlinks with pay-per-click ads. It means that if you click an in-text Infolinks ad within a particular webpage, then the owner of the site gets paid by Infolinks for it. If, for example, the ad is displayed with a keyword "cars", then it is very likely that the contents of the ad would have something related to cars or anything else closely associated with it.test

Infolinks makes use of in-text advertisements, because, according to their official website, Internet users have learned how to avoid regular online advertisements. Thus, the advertising network is using this type of pay-per-click ads.

Why should you block Infolinks ads?

As it has been mentioned above, Infolinks is not a computer malware application, and it is not a browser add-on, so you cannot really remove it from your browser. You're merely seeing these ads, because the owner of a website allows Infolinks to display them on his/her page. However, some users complain that in-text advertisements are very annoying and interfere with the web browsing process. If you do not want to see these advertisements when you browse the Internet, you can do choose one of the following options:

To remove Infolinks:

  1. Hover mouse above the ad keyword.
  2. When ad pops up, click the question mark.
  3. You will be redirected to a website.
  4. Choose op-out service to stop the ads from being displayed.

Take note that this option works only for one specific website that you visit, however, if you want to block Infolinks ads completely, do this:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and press Alt+X.
  2. Click Internet Options and open Security tab.
  3. Press Restricted Sites and click Sites.
  4. Enter into Add this website to the zone area.
  5. Press Add and exit the menu.

Internet Explorer Internet options coincides with your operating system Internet settings, so if you block Infolinks on Internet Explorer, you will block it completely.

Also, if you think that you have undesirable files on your PC, scan your system with SpyHunter free scanner, and then make sure that your computer is protected from possible threats.

  1. Thanks a lot!

  2. infolinks is definitely Malware.
    The net filled with millions of people unwittingly stuck with it in various ways and trying to get rid of it .
    Which can be done onnly with anti-spy and anti-mal programs

    anyone condoning it is an idiot

  3. HG Wells is correct (not about the alien invasion) infolinks can definitely be the result of malware. I found it poping up on one of my site a month ago and I was pretty angry, as you can imagine. I have never signed up to infolinks and I had this confirmed by an agent from the company. Later I discovered the links only showed when using my tab leaving me certain that this is the work of adware. In many publishers opinion this type of advertising ruins sites and I can assure you it is not always the site owners fault or even infolinks themselves.

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