Incognito Start Button

What is Incognito Start Button?

Have you downloaded Incognito Start Button after researching it and its services, or were you careless? Considering that this Google Chrome extension does not offer beneficial services – it simply adds a button to help access Incognito mode – it is unlikely that users would choose to install it. Instead, they are most likely to find this suspicious add-on offered along with other programs. If you are one who does not miss on freeware, you have to be cautious because many software bundles – even those offering seemingly legitimate and well-known programs – could be used to expose users to malware. Is the suspicious extension malicious as well? Unfortunately, that is not entirely clear, and that is why researchers are worried. Since there is no legal information supporting the add-on, there is a great possibility that it acts in highly undesirable ways. If you have no idea what we are talking about, you need to continue reading this report. If you do, you will also learn how to delete Incognito Start Button, and our research team strongly recommends getting rid of this strange PUP (short for “potentially unwanted program”).testtest

How does Incognito Start Button work?

Although it is most likely that you downloaded Incognito Start Button via a software bundle along with other potentially unwanted programs or malware, an official source exists as well. is the site representing the official installer. If you click the “Add extension” button, you are automatically redirected to at the Chrome web store. Neither the website nor the installer page tells us anything about the suspicious add-on, and that is unnerving. Ideally, we at least get access to the Privacy Policy so that we know if the tool can be used for advertising and the collection of data. Since we are not informed about that, we need to think of the worst. For all you know, Incognito Start Button could be used to expose you to misleading, corrupted third-party content, and the data trackers it employs can be used for the collection of highly sensitive information. You need to think of these risks if you are dealing with such extensions as “Chrome Settings Button,” “Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button,” “Button: Restore Closed Tabs,” and many others that are hosted on the same network. Clearly, something is wrong with these add-ons, and you should delete them.

Do you enjoy the quick-access button to Incognito mode that Incognito Start Button provides you with? Even if you use this mode daily, you do not need an additional button because you can always access Incognito mode by tapping keys Ctrl+Shift+N together. Also, you can click the link that is represented via the Chrome menu, which you can access by tapping keys Alt+F. Were you not aware that Google Chrome offers Incognito Mode itself? That might be the case if you have decided to install the suspicious extension yourself. Speaking of installation, we strongly recommend scanning your operating system to check if malware is active on your operating system. Install a legitimate malware scanner, and you will find out quickly if you need to delete other threats besides the suspicious extension. In the worst case scenario, you will find serious infections that require immediate removal. If that is the case, do not waste time.

How to delete Incognito Start Button

Although Incognito Start Button might appear innocent, it is not a useful program, and it is believed that it was created just so that it could collect data and then share it with all kinds of parties. There is little to no official information, which is disconcerting as well because that makes the extension highly unpredictable. Many users acquire this add-on bundled with malicious threats that also require removal. To figure out whether or not that is the situation you are in as well, we recommend installing a legitimate malware scanner. If the infections that are found cannot be eliminated manually, install a legitimate anti-malware tool. If you wish to go on with manually, you can remove Incognito Start Button using the instructions below. Also, do not forget that there are far worse infections than this add-on. If you want to keep them away, make sure that you employ reputable security software.

Removal Guide

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Simultaneously tap keys Alt+F to open the Chrome menu.
  3. Select More tools and then click Extensions.
  4. Identify the unwanted add-on and click the trash bin next to it.
  5. Select Remove. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Incognito Start Button*


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