Idle Buddy

What is Idle Buddy?

Idle Buddy is known to be a Trojan infection, so if you ever come across this threat on your system, delete it mercilessly. Like other Trojans, it slithers onto users’ computers without permission, so it is not so easy to find out about its entrance. We do not say that it is impossible to do that. Specialists working at have observed that this threat might drop files and create processes with the following names: IdleBuddy, ibservice.exe, xmrig.exe, and code86.exe. If any of these files/processes can be found on your system, there is no doubt that you have encountered Idle Buddy. Since it is a nasty malicious application, the sooner you erase it from your system fully, the better. We can assure you that you will not find an uninstaller of Idle Buddy in Control Panel, so do not even expect to erase this Trojan from your computer like an ordinary application. Instead, you will need to delete all components belonging to it one by one. Their exact location is unknown, so it will, most probably, not be very easy to delete it manually. No matter how hard it might be to erase malware from the system, bad software cannot be kept active because its presence will sooner or later result in devastating outcomes.

What does Idle Buddy do?

Specialists working at say that Idle Buddy is a typical cryptocurrency miner. According to them, it should be mainly used to mine the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but, of course, cyber criminals might use it to mine Monero and other digital currencies as well. To perform this activity, Trojan miners use affected computers’ resources. Specifically speaking, they use CPU and, in some cases, GPU computing power. Without a doubt, this has a negative impact on the affected computer’s performance, especially if the computer is a little older. If Idle Buddy ever infiltrates your computer and starts mining cryptocurrency on it, the chances are high that you will notice that your computer’s speed has decreased to a great extent. On top of that, your computer might become unresponsive more often. Third, you might no longer be able to use certain programs installed on the system because almost all computer’s resources will be used by Idle Buddy. Finally, you might notice that it takes longer to access your favorite websites. Trojan infections are considered extremely harmful malware, so if it has already turned out that you have Idle Buddy installed on your computer, make sure you erase it fully as soon as possible. We will talk about its removal in the final paragraph, so read the report till the end.

Where does Idle Buddy come from?

It is unclear how Idle Buddy has been installed on the system in your case, but it is known that there are several different methods cyber criminals use to promote their creations. As has been observed by specialists, Trojan infections often pretend to be harmless files, and, because of this, users download and then install these threats on their PCs themselves in some cases. In addition, harmful malware might be distributed via spam emails. Last but not least, bad software might travel bundled with various free applications users consider useful. We have to admit that it is extremely hard to prevent serious malware from entering the system, but it does not mean that it is impossible to do that. You just need to have a powerful antimalware tool installed on your computer to make sure you never encounter any harmful threat. Of course, the installation of security software does not mean that you can download suspicious software from the web or perform other careless activities.

How to delete Idle Buddy

Idle Buddy is considered serious malware, but, luckily, it does not make any modifications in the system registry, meaning that you will get rid of it by erasing all its components one by one. This does sound easy, but it will be quite a challenging task to delete this infection because there is no information about the exact location of its malicious components, meaning that they might be placed anywhere. They all need to be found and erased ASAP. If you find it impossible to do that in a manual way, you should use an antimalware scanner to clean your system instead of taking care of malware yourself.

Remove Idle Buddy

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  2. Check all processes listed under Processes.
  3. If you can find IdleBuddy, ibservice.exe, xmrig.exe, code86.exe, or other suspicious processes in Task Manager, kill them right away.
  4. Close Task Manager.
  5. Open Explorer (tap Win+E).
  6. Type %USERPROFILE%\Desktop in the URL bar and tap Enter.
  7. Check the folder and delete unknown .exe files (they might use the same names as malicious processes in Task Manager).
  8. Open %TEMP%.
  9. Repeat the 7th step.
  10. Delete suspicious files from %USERPROFILE%\Downloads.
  11. Check %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.
  12. Delete all entries that belong to Idle Buddy from the Startup folder.
  13. Empty Recycle bin. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Idle Buddy*

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