Hrhr Ransomware

What is Hrhr Ransomware?

Hrhr Ransomware is practically another name malware researchers seem to have given to refer to " File Extension" Ransomware. Our malware experts at say that this malware threat is the new version of Yyto Ransomware, which emerged last summer. If this vicious program manages to slither onto your system, you may have to say goodbye to your  precious files because this beast can encrypt them and thus render them unusable. Although your attackers offer you a way out by paying them money for the decryption key, we do not believe it is the best thing to do. In fact, it is always risky to contact such cyber criminals and send them money, too. It is quite possible that they will infect your again if they see a potential "gold mine" in you. We recommend that you act immediately and remove Hrhr Ransomware from your PC.

Where does Hrhr Ransomware come from?

If you find this dangerous threat on your computer, it is quite likely that a spam e-mail managed to draw your attention and you opened it. In fact, it is not enough to open this spam because you also need to execute the attached file. This file is the malicious executable itself. Obviously, if you want to open this file, you will simply execute this dangerous attack. No wonder why you cannot delete Hrhr Ransomware without losing your files. This is why we suggest that you be more careful around your mails. Whenever in doubt, you should not open a mail, let alone its attachment. It is much safe to send an e-mail to the sender to find out if it is really meant for you. Chances are the sender does not even exist, but if he or she does, may not know anything about this mail. But this is not the only way how cyber criminals can infect you with such serious infections.

If you do not keep your browsers and Java and Flash drivers always up-to-date, you could harm your system by landing on malicious sites with Exploit Kits. It is clear that you can easily protect your computer against such a terrible cyber attack if you update your programs regularly and avoid clicking on unsafe third-party advertisements, too. You also need to understand that using dodgy file-sharing sites for downloading free programs can be very dangerous as you can drop malicious bundles containing such ransomware programs with a single click. All in all, if you find out that you have been infected, you should not hesitate to remove Hrhr Ransomware from your computer.

How does Hrhr Ransomware work?

Yyto Ransomware seems to be the base for this new ransomware infection. This new threat also uses the AES algorithm to take your important files hostage by encrypting them. The only sign that something must be off is that you may start to notice that you cannot start and open your personal files. However, the whole process could only take a few minutes and then, you and your files are doomed. This ransomware drops its ransom note called "help.txt," which is a very simple note.

It tells you that you have to write an e-mail and send it to "" to get further instructions regarding the payment. We only know that you are supposed to transfer the fee in Bitcoin but we have no information about the amount just yet. But it does not even matter because we do not recommend that you pay a cent to these crooks. We advise you to remove Hrhr Ransomware as soon as possible if you want to save the rest of your system.

How do I delete Hrhr Ransomware?

Here we are with the solution finally. We have prepared the necessary steps below so that you can manually remove Hrhr Ransomware from your system. Please follow our instruction if you are ready to act. It is worth mentioning that there could be other threats on your system. Thus, it is important that you make sure that your PC is all clean if you do not want to be exposed to malicious web content and further infections. We advise you to employ a reputable malware removal application like SpyHunter to automatically take care of all possible present and future threats that may hit your PC. Do not forget to keep all your programs up-to-date, too, because cyber criminals can easily exploit those to gain access to your computer to steal sensitive information or damage your files.

Remove Hrhr Ransomware from Windows

  1. Press Win+E.
  2. Locate the malicious executable and all other suspicious files you have saved recently. Check these default folders, too: %TEMP%, %USERPROFILE\Downloads, and %USERPROFILE\Desktop
  3. Delete all suspicious files.
  4. Delete the ransom note.
  5. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  6. Restart your computer. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Hrhr Ransomware*

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