What is is classified as a browser hijacker. It means that this website gets set as your default homepage and search engine without your permission. The moment you notice that your browser has been compromised, you need to run a full system scan with a powerful antimalware tool to detect potential threats that must have installed onto your computer. Take note that this browser hijacker never travels alone! Therefore, when you remove from your computer, you need to make sure that you get rid of all the other potentially unwanted and dangerous applications as well.testtest

Where does come from?

It seems that there is no direct link for, so we can clearly say that this browser hijacker arrives bundled with other potentially unwanted programs. According to our computer security researchers, such infections are always included in third party installer setup. Therefore, in order to avoid, you need to stay away from third party websites that distribute freeware applications. Or, if you must download a freeware app, make sure you read all the installation steps carefully; otherwise your default homepage will be changed to

When it comes to freeware apps, the general piece of advice is to download them at their official homepages. Sometimes even legitimate programs might be bundled with adware and browser hijackers, especially if you download the setup file from unfamiliar website.

What does do?

Since it is a browser hijacker, will function as your default homepage and search engine, once it gets installed on your computer. At first, it may seem that the website is absolutely innocent and it can provide you with relevant search results. However, were you to perform a web search via, you would soon see that does not have its own search engine – it makes use of customized Yahoo! search engine.

What is more, there are always flash advertisements being displayed right underneath search box. Needless to say, that does not review what kind of content is embedded into those ads, and what websites you would be redirected to should you click them. If you think that the advertisements might be relevant to what you search online that is only because collects data on your web browsing habits and knows exactly what kind of content it should offer to you!

How to remove

It is true that is more annoying than dangerous, but browser hijackers are often exploited by malevolent third parties to promote their malicious content. Not to mention, you need to get your browser back and avoid constant tracking, so you simply must delete as soon as possible.

Restore your browser settings to default and then scan your computer with a reliable antimalware tool, because you are bound to have other unwanted applications installed on the PC. For a full computer system protection, acquire a licensed antimalware tool, and always keep it updated.

Manual Removal

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+T and click Internet options.
  2. Click Use default under General tab and click OK.
  3. Press Alt+T and go to Manage add-ons.
  4. Select Search providers on the left.
  5. Set a new default search engine and remove

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press Alt+T and go to Options.
  2. Click Restore to default button under General tab and press OK.
  3. Click the search engine icon on the left of Firefox search box.
  4. Select Manage search engines on drop-down menu.
  5. Remove from the list and click OK.

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and go to Settings.
  2. Select Open a specific page or set of pages under On startup.
  3. Click Set pages.
  4. Remove and enter a new homepage address. Click OK.
  5. Select Manage search engines under Search.
  6. Set a new default search engine, delete and press Done.
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