What is Home.searchpulse.net?

If you have found your Google Chrome settings changed, i.e. Home.searchpulse.net has been set as your new homepage, search engine, and even the New Tab page, you must have installed the browser extension named Search Pulse on your computer. Some users get it from http://www.searchpulse.net/, whereas others find it at the Chrome Web Store and install it consciously. We have to admit that this piece of software does look useful, especially when it is presented to users as a tool that allows easily managing search settings, e.g. switching to the preferred search providers; however, we still cannot confirm that this piece of software is fully reliable, so if you have not installed it yet, find similar software instead and install it on the system. Have you started reading this article because you have already encountered Search Pulse and found Home.searchpulse.net set on your browser? If the answer is “yes,” our piece of advice for you would be to get rid of this Google Chrome browser extension, especially if you have nothing to do with its installation, have not found it useful, and/or you are not going to use the search tool set as your default search provider. Read this report till its last paragraph to find out how the undesirable browser extension can be removed in an easy way.test

What does Home.searchpulse.net do?

You will find Home.searchpulse.net set on your Google Chrome browser if you install Search Pulse, or this browser extension gets installed on your PC without your knowledge. To be more specific, the main settings of your browser, e.g. homepage, New Tab URL, and default search tool will be altered. As a consequence, you will see Home.searchpulse.net open to you automatically each time you launch your web browser. The search tool set allows users to perform webs searches in Google, Yahoo, or Bing, which might seem to be quite a useful feature, but it still does not mean that Home.searchpulse.net can be fully trusted. Our specialists recommend replacing it with a more trustworthy search provider as soon as possible. If you use the search provider set after the installation of Search Pulse on a daily basis, you might encounter untrustworthy search results and end up on dubious pages. These untrustworthy search results driving traffic to third-party websites are nothing more than the so-called modified search results. They are usually not based on any search query, which explains why users do not find the information they are searching for on websites they open. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to recognize those untrustworthy search results, so users eventually click on them.

There is one more thing you need to know about Home.searchpulse.net. It will automatically record certain details, e.g. search queries you enter. In addition, as can be found written in Privacy Policy, the Search Pulse extension “may collect information that can personally identify you.” A bunch of non-personally identifiable details, including device type, IP address, browser, usage patterns, etc. will be recorded too. You cannot do anything to change the way this piece of software acts, but you can disable it whenever you want to. This is the only way to remove Home.searchpulse.net from Google Chrome too.

Where does Home.searchpulse.net come from?

If you see Home.searchpulse.net open automatically to you each time you launch your web browser, it means that Search Pulse, a browser extension installed on your computer, has already altered your Google Chrome settings. You could have installed it from one of the two official sources it has, but it is more likely that you do not know anything about its installation because it is not such a popular application. Researchers say that users might install this potentially unwanted program by clicking on the fake Download button found on the web. In addition, it installation could have been initiated by clicking on some kind of pop-up advertisement promoting it. Last but not least, it could have been installed on your PC next to third-party software.

How to delete Home.searchpulse.net

If you have found Home.searchpulse.net set on your Google Chrome browser, you will get rid of it only by removing the browser extension (Search Pulse) responsible for setting it. It can be erased like an ordinary browser extension through the add-ons manager. If this does not tell you much, feel free to use the removal guide that can be found below the article.

Home.searchpulse.net removal guide

 Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome and tap Alt+F.
  2. Open More tools and select Extensions.
  3. Select the Search Pulse browser extension.
  4. Click the Trash button. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Home.searchpulse.net*

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