Holy Bible Daily

What is Holy Bible Daily?

Holy Bible Daily is one of those tools that promise to provide you with inspiring Bible quotes and daily affirmations. There are tons of mobile and desktop apps that offer such a service, but not all of them can be trusted, and this extension falls into that category. Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers have inspected the tool, and it is now recognized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Of course, we recommend that you delete this extension, but we suggest that you read our report first to understand why that is what we recommend doing. If you need no further proof, we have a few tips for the removal of Holy Bible Daily. Note that there is more than one method that you can apply to get rid of this extension, and if you are interested in learning about all options, please keep reading. Also, note that you can use the comments section below to ask questions about the PUP and its elimination.testtest

How does Holy Bible Daily work?

Did you download Holy Bible Daily from holybibledaily.com? If you did, that must have happened a while ago, because this website no longer offers the installer of the PUP. Perhaps that will change in the future, but we cannot predict it. That said, the extension is still available on the Chrome Web Store. You can find it at chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/holy-bible-daily/kfahdnenadjegcdaloefbamobgoboogn. You could have been introduced to this installer via a pop-up advertisement. You also could have executed a bundled downloader that packaged the PUP along with other suspicious pieces of software. As you can see, different download options exist, and because we cannot know how you installed the PUP, we advise that everyone scans their operating systems. Unfortunately, it is possible that you downloaded the extension along with other threats, and if that is the case, you want to know about it as soon as possible. The goal, of course, is to delete every single threat that might be detected.

According to the Privacy Policy at holybibledaily.com/PrivacyPolicy.html, Ito Media is the creator of Holy Bible Daily, but do not be surprised if your malware scanner detects the extension as a Mindspark Toolbar. The Privacy Policy informs that this PUP can collect and share personal data with “commercial partners,” who can provide advertising. That means that the extension is not so holy, and, in fact, it could put your privacy at risk. That is not all that you need to pay attention to. Once you install this PUP, it is meant to introduce holybibledaily.com/homepage/homepage.html? via the New Tab page. Although the interface of this webpage offers links to Bible-related content, it also offers an unreliable search tool. If you interact with it, you are bound to be redirected to search.yahoo.com, and it is possible that you could be exposed to modified results. In general, our research team does not recommend trusting this PUP. Instead, we recommend that you remove it.

How to remove Holy Bible Daily

Although Holy Bible Daily might sound like a useful extension that should help study the Bible, in reality, it is just another PUP that hides behind pretty names, descriptions, and promises. Our researchers have found that the extension can be used to collect data – which might include personally-identifiable data – and share it with undisclosed third parties. It was also found that it can show advertisements, and that is likely to be done via the search tool that the PUP introduces. We cannot know how safe or dangerous it might be to interact with the search results because although they are represented via Yahoo Search, they could be modified. Without a doubt, we recommend deleting Holy Bible Daily, and if you want to do that manually, you can use the instructions below. If you are not sure you can handle the task yourself, and especially if you have discovered other threats, employing an automated anti-malware tool is what we recommend doing.

Removal Instructions

  1. Open Google Chrome and then tap keys ALT+F together.
  2. In the Chrome menu, select More tools->Extensions.
  3. Identify the PUP and click the Remove button next to it.

If you want to clear browsing data, follow these additional steps:

  1. Open the browser and then tap CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE keys together.
  2. Click Advanced at the top and select a time range (when the PUP was installed).
  3. Select the boxes of the data you want to clear and click Clear data. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Holy Bible Daily*


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