Hollycrypt Ransomware

What is Hollycrypt Ransomware?

Malware experts working at our internal have come along yet another ransomware program. It goes by the name of Hollycrypt Ransomware. This particular category of infections is hugely popular nowadays as a lot of their developers can profit illegally employing them in an elaborate manner. Usually, a ransomware application is designed to encrypt personal or otherwise important data without any authorization whatsoever. It should be obvious that this type of program must be avoided at all times. To have a deeper understanding of how a ransomware in question works, make sure to read the rest of our report since it includes information discovered during its in-depth analysis. Also, we present a few simple yet valuable virtual security tips that will help you establish a fully secure system. If, unfortunately, your personal computer is already affected by Hollycrypt Ransomware, do not hesitate to use our detailed removal guide as soon as possible.test

What does Hollycrypt Ransomware do?

The analysis of Hollycrypt Ransomware has revealed the fact that it is based on a popular open source scheme called Hidden-Tear, which is used by numerous other ransomware programs. Since our research team is quite familiar with the aforementioned scheme, it is not surprising that the overall functionality of this malware was quite predictable. Once it successfully enters your operating system, its malicious functionality starts immediately. Silently this malicious application encrypts your data using the AES cipher. All the affected files instantly receive a .Hollycrypt extension and are no longer accessible in any kind of way. Following the encryption procedure, the intrusive program drops a ransom note in a form of a .txt file. Usually, this warning message is entitled “Read_this_shit.txt” and is presented to you on your desktop. The note is brief and does not demand an accurate amount of money; the only information hosted within is that the developers of this malware require a payment in the form of bitcoins and that you must get in touch with them for further instructions. It is crucial to avoid doing so as it is likely a huge scam since there is no way to guarantee that your data will be decrypted even if you happen to make a payment. It is just a manipulative technique targeted to unsuspecting Internet users. It goes without saying that you must remove Hollycrypt Ransomware without any hesitation. In fact, if you are able to notice the devious program in action, and terminate it in time, you might be able to avoid the data loss induced by it.

How to improve your virtual security?

During the examination malware experts working at Anti-Spyware-101.com, have discovered a piece of vital information regarding the distribution of Hollycrypt Ransomware. It has been found out that in the majority of cases this malicious piece of software is spread via spam e-mail attachments, disguised as .pdf files. Thus, it goes without saying, that being extra cautious while obtaining any attachment coming your way from an unverified source is imperative to your overall virtual security. Such means of distributing ransomware are extremely common, so keeping track of any devious e-mails with attached files might save your operating system not only from the Hollycrypt Ransomware, but also other devious programs. We also highly recommend practicing safe browsing habits. At all times stay away from questionable websites as they could also prove to be quite dangerous. Malware developers are known to embed their web pages with something called an arbitrary code execution exploit. Once such a site is entered a remote code is executed without any authorization; unfortunately, often just entering this sort of website results in a system infection. Finally, you need to run a professional antimalware tool on your PC at all times. This is paramount because a tool like this is fully capable of automatically detecting and deleting any potentially threatening application. Take these steps, and you will not have to worry about getting your PC infected with any suspicious or malicious program.

How to remove Hollycrypt Ransomware

It is self-evident that a complete removal of Hollycrypt Ransomware is a must. It should not be delayed under any circumstances because the functionality of this malware could force you to face devastating outcomes. We highly advise you to use a professional antimalware tool for all removal procedures of this malware as it is able to remove its every single bit. This is critical since even a single leftover could be used to restore this ransomware in a silent manner. Below we present instructions that will help you obtain a trustworthy malware detection and removal tool that is fully capable of terminating Hollycrypt Ransomware once and for all in its entirety.

How to remove Hollycrypt Ransomware from your computer

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Type www.anti-spyware-101.com/download-sph into the address bar.
  3. Download a professional antimalware tool and then install it.
  4. Select Scan Computer Now.
  5. Once the system scan is done click Fix Threats.
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