History Open

What is History Open?

If you are looking for a piece of software that would allow you to access and control your browsing history more easily, do not install the History Open extension even though it is promoted as a browsing history manager because it is not a piece of software that could be fully trusted. First, we have not found it very beneficial – it should only add a button at the top of the browser allowing users to open recently visited websites with a single click on it. Second, specialists at anti-spyware-101.com could not find such important documents as End User License Agreement (EULA) and Privacy Policy, which suggests that there might be something to hide from users. Last but not least, it is capable of entering users’ PCs without their knowledge, which is, without a doubt, not a feature of a trustworthy application. We cannot force you to do anything that you do not want to, but you should know that we do not consider keeping a potentially unwanted program installed and active on the system a very clever idea. The next two paragraphs will tell you everything that you need to know about this extension, so continue reading this report!testtesttest

What does History Open do?

History Open is advertised as a browsing history manager, but it is not as beneficial as it claims to be. It only adds a button at the upper part of the browser. It opens a list of recently visited websites only, but, unfortunately, users have to perform other activities, e.g. clear a browsing history manually. It is not the reason it has been classified a potentially unwanted program, of course. Specialists working at anti-spyware-101.com have made a more disturbing finding. Their research has shown that History Open might collect information about users without their permission. It does not have a Privacy Policy document, so it might record any details. Although it is unclear what information about you will be recorded if you keep History Open installed on your Google Chrome browser, our researchers are 99% sure that this potentially unwanted application will focus on the collection of the non-personally identifiable information, including websites visited and links clicked. That is, it is very likely that it will record details that might help to improve/personalize the service. History Open is not a harmful malicious application, but we cannot promise that the information it records about you will not be sold to third parties if you do not go to remove it soon after finding it installed. You could blame only yourself in such a case because we have warned you.

Where does History Open come from?

The official website (http://historyopen.com/) and the Chrome Web Store (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/history-open/icfhggboopebcohpcffdgnbmodalpbic?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog) are two official sources of History Open. Judging from the total number of users who have installed this piece of software from the Chrome store, this extension is already quite prevalent. There are 119 128 users who have already installed it willingly; however, we are sure there are some users out there who know nothing about the installation of this add-on. This suggests us that it might be distributed using other deceptive methods of distribution either. For example, it might be spread bundled with third-party software users download willingly from unreliable file-sharing websites. It is one of the most popular methods used to spread suspicious software these days, so you must be more careful. The installation of powerful security software would be a smart step either.

How to delete History Open

History Open works on Google Chrome only, so its removal should be quick and easy. To remove the undesirable extension, you will need to access the add-ons manager first, then select the extension you want to erase, and, finally, click the remove button. We recommend following the step-by-step instructions prepared by our experienced specialists (find them placed below this article) so that there would not be a room for a single mistake. If you do not find its removal as easy as we say, you can always acquire an automatic scanner and let it help you. It is always easier and quicker to delete undesirable software automatically.

History Open removal guide

Google Chrome

  1. Start Google Chrome.
  2. Click the menu button (top-right corner) and select More tools.
  3. Open the Extensions menu.
  4. Select History Open.
  5. Delete it by clicking the trash button next to it. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of History Open*

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