Heropoint Ransomware

What is Heropoint Ransomware?

A black full-screen background and a program window-like ransom warning are what you get when your PC gets infected with the Heropoint ransomware. The infection fails to take files hostage because of the coding and the fact that the threat must be removed from the computer should now be your first priority. The Heropoint ransomware is likely to be primed to encrypt files later in the future, which is likely to end up in loss of pictures, music files, and other documents if such data is not backed up to storage devices. If you have the Heropoint threat on your PC, you are lucky enough because your data stays intact, at least at the time being. We invite you to continue reading to find out a little more about the threat, but if you are determined to remove it from the computer this very moment, scroll down to the end of the review to find a removal guide.test

How does Heropoint Ransomware work?

Once on the computer, the Heropoint threat disables your access to the desktop and other directories by displaying a full-screen notification. In the so-called ransom warning, the victim is informed that files have been encrypted, and that $20 in Bitcoin should be paid to regain access to the lost data. The warning also has a password box, which is not active. Additionally, the mail address heropointy@gmail.com is given. There is no instruction for the victim to reach out the attacker by the email given, but this is implied by it because this tendency has been observed in numerous latest ransomware infections. In order to submit a payment, the victim needs the address of the Bitcoin wallet to which the money would be sent, and the address is likely to be obtained directly from the attackers. In any case, no matter whether your data is encrypted or not, you should not even think about paying up because that would not mean that your corrupted data would be restored back to normal. Ransomware is created for monetary gain, and the crooks behind such infections have no empathy for their victims, who have already brought in millions of  US dollars over the last few years.

The Heropoint threat would use XOR to encrypt files if not for the function that returns a "NotImplementedException" preventing the encryption process. If the infection were programmed to successfully carry out encryption, it would corrupt files such as .exe, .mp3, .png, .txt, .mp4, .xlsx, and some others. You would easily identify the affected files by the extension X, which would be added to the file names. Now all that you should do is remove the Heropoint ransompware from the computer and take preventative measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

 How to prevent ransomware?

In order to avoid privacy breaches committed by ransomware, or any other type of PC threat, you should be aware of how computer infections spread. Ransomware is very often spread by email and through poor RDP configurations. Moreover, some pop-ups may also be employed to deliver you to malware spreading websites. First, you should be very critical to emails received from unrecognized senders, especially when some email attachment is present. If you use the RDP service, you should be sure that your password is strong. Two-factor authentication should also be used to ensure security. As regards pop-ups, you should beware of freeware sharing websites and ones polluted with third-party advertisements which might be used not only to increase the number of clicks but also to spread malware. On top, you should not forget to back up your data whenever it is possible and keep the system protected.

How to remove Heropoint Ransomware?

The Heropoint threat does not have its point of execution, which means that after the first reboot of the system, the full screen warning preventing you from using the PC is not displayed. If you do not restart the computer, you can use the removal instructions provided below, but the key thing here is that by removing Heropoint Ransomware manually you cannot find out whether some other threats need to be eliminated from your device. To remove the Heropoint ransomware and other harmful files or programs, you should use a reputable anti-malware program. Without antimalware, you cannot know whether your valuable data is safe, so, if you want professional protection against malware, we suggest using the tool available below.

Remove Heropoint Ransomware

  1. Press the keyboard keys Ctrl, Alt, and Delete simultaneously.
  2. Open Task Manager.
  3. Kill the process of Heropoint.
  4. Check the desktop, the Downloads folder, and the %TEMP% directory for questionable files and delete them.
  5. Empty the Recycle bin. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Heropoint Ransomware*

Stop these Heropoint Ransomware Processes:


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