GruxEr Ransomware

What is GruxEr Ransomware?

GruxEr Ransomware is a devious application that should never be active on your operating system. It is important to do everything to avoid it as it acts in an extremely malicious manner. As any other application categorized as a ransomware program, this one is infamous for its ability to lock a large number of personal files on the affected computer. Programs of this classification are mostly crafted by cyber crooks for a single reason - to make illegal profits. That is so because a user that is affected by this malware is usually asked to pay a huge ransom in return for access to his or hers encrypted data. To learn in detail about the technical inner workings of this devious application, be sure to read the rest of our report. In addition all of that, we provide a few virtual security tips along with a detailed removal guide that you must use to delete GruxEr Ransomware once and for all.testtest

What does GruxEr Ransomware do?

Once GruxEr Ransomware enters your PC, it does not waste any time. It spreads its files all around our personal computer. After that, it scans your hard drive for its contents. Once that is done the malicious program will start doing its dirty works. The encryption procedure starts silently and is over before you know it; unfortunately, due to such functionality, very few users can notice and stop this malware before it has done any harm. During our research it has been discovered that this devious program mostly targets document and image files; such files often host important information, to say the least. Unlike a lot of other ransomware programs, this one does not tag the affected files. Instead, it changes the image of the file's logo to a text saying gruxer was here. Due to the powerful algorithm used to lock your data, manual decryption is out of the question. The first significant indication that this malware program is up and running on your PC is an appearance of a full-screen warning message, which blocks your desktop. This means that you will not be able to use your PC the way you are used to. The ransom note asks for a payment in return for your data. While it might seem like a viable way to solve your problems, you must know that cyber crooks that developed this malicious program are not obliged in any legal way to unlock your files even if you make the payment. Your best bet to limit the data loss imposed by GruxEr Ransomware is by executing its complete removal as soon as it is found up and running on your PC. To do so in a quick and easy way, be sure to use the instructions below.

How to improve your virtual security

Since GruxEr Ransomware is often spread in devious ways, you must take a few precautionary steps to improve your virtual security. Firstly we advise you to start practicing safe browsing habits. It is crucial to refrain yourself from all unauthorized third-party download websites since they are infamous for hosting all sorts of bundled installers. This means that setup files could be filled with questionable and even potentially malicious programs. By downloading all of your software from official developers' websites, you will significantly reduce the risk factor of coming across dangerous installers. It is also important to highlight the fact that in quite a few cases users infect their PC with GruxEr Ransomware is because they are not careful with e-mail attachments. Be cautious about any attachment that comes your way from unknown third-party source. This is important because malware developer tends to use spam e-mail campaigns to spread their devious programs. Finally and most importantly, be sure to install a professional antimalware tool because it can identify and terminate any virtual threat in a fully automated manner.

How to remove GruxEr Ransomware

Your bet best to delete GruxEr Ransomware once and for all is by following the detailed instructions that we provide below. Under no circumstances delay the removal procedure. It is critical to delete every single bit of this malicious application because that is the only way to stop its malicious functionality. To be sure that no traces linked to GruxEr Ransomware are active on your PC, make sure to perform a detailed analysis of your operating for its leftovers right after you are done with the manual removal. This is important because traces of this malicious program could be used in devious ways. For example, just a few files could trigger its restoration procedure. If you find manual removal and analysis of your PC a bit too complicated, make sure to delete GruxEr Ransomware with a professional antimalware tool because it can automatically terminate everything associated with this malware.

How to remove GruxEr Ransomware from your PC

  1. Tap Alt+Tab keys and select your Desktop.
  2. Right-click your Task Bar.
  3. Select Start Task Manager.
  4. Select a malicious task and then click End Task. The name of this task is random.
  5. Open your File Explorer.
  6. Navigate to C:\Users\<your username>\Downloads.
  7. Right-click a malicious .exe file and then select Delete. The name of this file is random.
  8. Navigate to C:\Users\,your username>\AppData\Local\Temp.
  9. Locate and then remove the following files:
    a) GRUXER.exe.
    b) TEARS.exe.
  10. c) WORM.exe.
  11. Right-click your Recycle Bin and then select Empty Recycle Bin. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of GruxEr Ransomware*

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