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What is goPhotoz Start?

If your default search tool has been changed to unexpectedly, you should check all active extensions because goPhotoz Start is the Google Chrome browser extension promoting this page. If you can find it listed next to other extensions, it means that it is the one responsible for altering your browser’s settings. According to specialists, some users install this piece of software on their computers themselves because it promises that users who install it could search, view, and share free photos with friends. In addition, users are told that their web searching experience will be considerably improved as well. Of course, not all users install this piece of software consciously. goPhotoz Start is the most popular in India, the U.S, Angola, Indonesia, and Egypt, and we are sure some users living there could not explain why they have goPhotoz Start installed on their computers. If you have discovered it installed on your system as well, you should know that it is another potentially unwanted application. As a consequence, keeping it active is not what we recommend for users. Do not worry; you could get rid of this potentially unwanted program quite easily. No, you will not remove it through Control Panel, but you could erase it through the add-ons manager. If this tells you nothing, continue reading this report. If you still have questions after reading it, feel free to leave them in the comment box at the bottom of the page.testtesttest

What does goPhotoz Start do?

goPhotoz Start is presented as a beneficial Google Chrome extension “for a quick photos click-and-visit experience.” Unfortunately, we cannot confirm that this piece of software is very beneficial because it has turned out that it only sets a new page on users’ browsers once it is installed on their PCs. To be more specific, you will see a new page with the search engine set after installing goPhotoz Start on your computer. Also, you will find some easy-access buttons opening YouTube, eBay, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other popular websites there. Some users find this feature quite useful, but this does not change the fact that goPhotoz Start is a potentially unwanted program that should be removed. If you decide to do nothing about its presence on your PC and, on top of that, use the search box you see on the page set to perform web searches, you should be cautious because some modified search results might be displayed to you. It will redirect all your searches to, which is a legitimate search provider, but you might still see some sponsored links. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that you could recognize and avoid them all. They are not very harmful, but they might take you to dubious websites, so be careful!

If goPhotoz Start stays active on your system, the chances are high that it will also automatically record some information about you. We could not access its Privacy Policy document, but we are 99% sure that it will mainly record details that are non-personally identifiable, for example, websites you visit, links you click, advertisements you find appealing, and a bunch of technical details about your computer. All these details might be shared with third parties, so we would not let potentially unwanted software gather any data if we were you.

Where does goPhotoz Start come from?

Research conducted by our experienced specialists working at has clearly shown that goPhotoz Start is spreading in Indonesia, Egypt, Angola, the United States, and India the most actively. Without a doubt, not all users install this browser extension consciously. It seems that this piece of software might enter users’ PCs in a software bundle. Since it travels together with other applications, users usually do not even notice when they install this potentially unwanted application on their PCs. If you download many free applications from the web, you should install them more carefully the next time because you might allow other untrustworthy applications to enter your system.

How to delete goPhotoz Start

As you should already know, goPhotoz Start belongs to the potentially unwanted software category, meaning that it is not dangerous malware. As a consequence, its removal should be quick and easy, especially if you use our manual removal instructions. If you cannot get rid of goPhotoz Start manually for any reason, download a reputable antimalware scanner and then use it to clean your system.

goPhotoz Start removal guide

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click the button in the top-right corner to open the main menu.
  3. Select More tools and click Extensions.
  4. Select goPhotoz Start.
  5. Click the recycle bin button. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of goPhotoz Start*

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