Google Redirect Virus

What is Google Redirect Virus?

You can be exposed to computer malware infection even when you are performing a search on an internet. Google Redirect Virus is malicious software that targets Google search engine. When you are infected with this malware your search results get forcefully redirected to malware-related websites, that you usually offering you to purchase rogue security products. You might also land on websites that host various infections. The most dangerous aspect of such websites is that the malware download usually initiates automatically without even prompting you about it. Aside from exposing your computer to other infections Google Redirect Virus also renders your search engine almost impossible to use.

You should also take notice of the fact that Google Redirect Virus has quite a few aliases, because it is not so much of a virus than a Trojan or a rootkit that slithers into your system in secret and then works in the background trying to avoid the detection by security products. So you might also be familiar with this threat under the name of Backdoor.Tidserv, TrojanSpy.Win32/Chadem.A, Alureon and so on.

The main thing that the Google Redirect Virus does is blocking the Google’s search listings, where the search engine searches for the result data. Instead of the genuine search results, you are presented with links to spam and infected websites. Also, Google Redirect Virus helps certain webpages to generate fake user traffic in order to put the website at the top of the search results. If that weren’t enough, the threat is known to lead you to websites that promote such rogue antispyware applications as Windows Necessary Firewall and Fast Windows Antivirus 2011.

Google Redirect Virus has been observed to forcefully redirected users to the following malicious websites:,,,

To put it simply, with Google Redirect Virus in your computer, you will not be able to access the websites you want to visit, because this malware is very aggressive in promoting other malicious products. On top of that, it can block you from downloading antimalware programs, so it is obvious that you have to take of this infection as soon as possible.

Remove Google Redirect Virus from your computer with a powerful computer safeguard tool, if you think you will not be able to perform it on your own. Investing in a reliable computer safeguard application will always turn out to be beneficial to your system.

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