Golden Ransomware

What is Golden Ransomware?

Golden Ransomware is not a threat that works fully, but it does not mean that you are safe – crooks might soon release its final update and then it will lock your personal files without mercy. At the time of analysis, the infection was still in the development phase and thus did not lock a single file on our testing machine, but we cannot guarantee that you will be that lucky if you encounter its new version. Even if you encounter the same version analyzed by researchers at, it will still cause you trouble because it will execute a command shutdown -a to make sure it cannot be closed or killed by the user. In other words, it is a persistent infection that does all what it can to make sure it does not get removed. It does not mean that it cannot be erased. We cannot promise that it will be easy to eliminate it, but you could still delete it from the system yourself manually after you boot into Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking. We want to emphasize that you have to choose Safe Mode with Networking if you plan to download an automated malware remover and delete Golden Ransomware automatically.test

What does Golden Ransomware do?

There is one main goal cyber criminals behind ransomware infections have – they want users’ money. This explains why threats they create target personal files. Usually, crypto-malware locks pictures, documents, music, and many other files that users call important. Golden Ransomware is still in development, so it did not lock any files at the time of analysis, but there is a huge possibility that it will start encrypting data once it is finished by its developer. Alternatively, it may try to push users into paying money to crooks by locking their screens. The version analyzed by our researchers opens a black window with a message in yellow font that cannot be closed too, but it is impossible to contact cyber criminals or make a payment in order to fix the problem. The ransom note should contain two links containing further information on unlocking the computer, but they are not there, which once again proves that this malicious application is still in development. The final version of Golden Ransomware might only lock your screen too, leaving your files intact, but you could still not access them unless you remove the window opened by the ransomware infection from your screen. You do not need to send money to malicious software developers to remove it – you could close it by deleting the infection from the system yourself. You should never pay money to crooks because you do not know whether this act will really have a desirable effect, e.g. whether you will get your files/screen unlocked. Additionally, by supporting cyber criminals, you will encourage them to release even more harmful threats.

Where does Golden Ransomware come from?

Specialists do not know for sure how Golden Ransomware is distributed, but, according to them, it should be distributed using old ransomware distribution methods. In other words, the ransomware infection should be mainly distributed via email attachments. This could only be confirmed when cyber criminals start distributing Golden Ransomware actively. Nobody knows when this is going to happen. It might take a second to end up with this threat if you browse malicious websites, download software that looks legitimate at first glance without inspecting it, and blindly trust third-party service providers. Preventing malware from entering the system illegally is one of the most challenging tasks, users say. If it is exactly what you think too, let a reliable antimalware tool to take care of your system’s security for you. You will not need to do anything yourself except for launching your scanner and setting it to stay active all the time.

How to remove Golden Ransomware

It should not be too difficult to erase Golden Ransomware from the system after booting into Safe Mode/Safe Mode with Networking because you will have to get rid of only two malicious components: the malicious file that launches the ransomware infection and its value from the system registry. It is definitely not a must to erase Golden Ransomware manually. Once Safe Mode with Networking loads up, you can download a powerful antimalware scanner and use it instead.

Delete Golden Ransomware

Start Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP in Safe Mode/Safe Mode with Networking

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Start tapping F8.
  3. Use arrow keys to select Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking from the menu called Advanced Boot Options.
  4. Tap Enter.

Windows 8/Windows 10

  1. Hold the Shift key and click Power. Then click Restart.
  2. Click Troubleshoot.
  3. Select Advanced options.
  4. Click Startup Settings.
  5. Click Restart.
  6. Press 4 or 5 on your keyboard to enable Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking correspondingly.

Remove Golden Ransomware from your PC

  1. Launch Windows Explorer.
  2. Remove all suspicious files downloaded recently from %USERPROFILE%\Desktop, %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, and %TEMP%.
  3. Tap Win+R to launch Run.
  4. Type regedit and click OK.
  5. Move to HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  6. Right-click on the SysAudio value.
  7. Select Delete.
  8. Empty your Trash. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Golden Ransomware*

Stop these Golden Ransomware Processes:


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