What is GlobalPDFConverterSearch?

We’ve just talked about GlobalSearchConverter, and now here we come back to tell you about GlobalPDFConverterSearch. It’s practically the same application that simply wants to make some easy money by offering your third-party ads. Although the official function of this application may be said to be different, you shouldn’t tolerate it if you didn’t plan to have it on your computer. You can find the manual removal instructions for GlobalPDFConverterSearch right at the bottom of this description. If you want to ensure that your system is 100% safe, you should also consider investing in a powerful antispyware tool.test

Where does GlobalPDFConverterSearch come from?

Since we have already established that GlobalPDFConverterSearch is practically identical to GlobalSearchConverter, we can see that both extensions come from the same group of apps that are promoted as “single purpose extensions.” All of these programs are categorized as potentially unwanted applications because they are not directly malicious, but they could still enter systems accidentally, and they can still expose users to potentially unreliable content.

The slippery thing about GlobalPDFConverterSearch and other similar apps is that these programs have several ways to reach us all. They can come through original routes, and they can also employ third-party distribution vectors.

For instance, as far as GlobalPDFConverterSearch is concerned, it is said to be distributed via, and it can also be found at the Chrome Web Store. So, if you get this extension from the official sources, it would be too far-fetched to say that this app infected you, right?

But even if it comes via third-party sources, the extension still informs you about the oncoming modifications right before you add it. The problem is that you probably don’t notice it because the notification that offered looked like any other pop-up to you. And that’s true, GlobalPDFConverterSearch usually comes via pop-ups when it arrives via third-party sources. Users trigger pop-ups that suggest freeware when they browse sites that have a lot of third-party ads. Those are often sites that offer free content, and so they indulge in third-party advertising to make some money.

Usually, it is possible to close all those annoying pop-ups that stop you from reaching your favorite content. However, it is necessary to close them properly by clicking the X button instead of interacting with the notifications that you see on them. Blindly clicking anything on such pop-ups eventually allows the likes of GlobalPDFConverterSearch to settle on your browser.

What does GlobalPDFConverterSearch do?

If we were to judge by the app’s name, it should tell us that this extension can help you find the best PDF converter websites. Also, the app’s page at the Chrome Web Store suggests that there are over 9,000+ accounts that have the extension added to their application list. It would probably mean that GlobalPDFConverterSearch is a reliable tool that a lot of users trust, but we don’t actually know whether users added the app willingly or accidentally.

When this extension is added to the Chrome browser, it changes the default search engine to It should help you find the most relevant search results, but all of your search queries get redirected to a modified version of the Yahoo! Search engine. So, what’s the point of using a third-party extension when you can simply access the search engine you want directly?

Also, GlobalPDFConverterSearch may inadvertently expose you to sites that are rather suspicious. This application is bound to promote third-party content, and if you interact with that content either through ads or through search results, you could end up on some suspicious website that could steal your personal information or even expose to more serious threats.

How do I remove GlobalPDFConverterSearch?

Therefore, computer security experts recommend removing GlobalPDFConverterSearch and other similar apps from your system immediately. It is especially relevant if you haven’t intended to have it in the first place. Fortunately, manual removal for this extension is really simple, and you can always delete it via the Extensions menu.

On the other hand, we recommend resetting your browser to default settings because that would also delete all the data collected on your browsing history, too. Finally, be sure to scan your computer with a reliable antispyware tool.

Manual GlobalPDFConverterSearch Removal

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and click Settings.
  3. Click Advanced at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select Restore settings to their original defaults.
  5. Press Reset settings. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of GlobalPDFConverterSearch*

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