GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware

What is GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware?

GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware is the latest file-encrypting malware to come to the attention of our malware researchers. It attacks operating systems in a covert manner, and most victims do not realize that it exists until all files are encrypted. The infection encrypts files because that is the only thing that its creator can hold over their victims’ heads. If files are important, victims might be more willing to pay a ransom in return for a decryptor. Of course, we only assume that a decryptor is on the table because the ransom note delivered by this infection is very vague. It simply asks to contact cyber criminals. Should you do it? Should you follow their instructions? Should you pay the ransom if it is requested? Should you try to decrypt your files or should you just forget about them now? These and many other questions are answered in this report. In the end, we also discuss the removal of GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware. Our research team has analyzed the threat, and we can offer a few tips that will, hopefully, help you delete it with ease.test

Do you know what GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware is?

If you were introduced to a ransom request by GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware, this malicious threat has found its way into your operating system. In most cases, ransomware threats use very basic security backdoors to slither in, which include spam emails and unsafe RDP connections. Without a doubt, if you secure your operating system and avoid spam emails with corrupted attachments, you are at a much better position to avoid any kind of malware, including ransomware. If you let the threat in, it silently changes the data of your files using an encryption key that cannot be cracked. That means that once files are encrypted, they are encrypted for good. Of course, if you get the decryption key, the hope is that your files could be restored. Unfortunately, there was no way of getting this key at the time of research. Of course, the ransom note represented via the “#RECOVERY_FILES#.txt” file said something else: “Do you really want to restore your files? Write to our email - and tell us your unique ID.” You might be tempted to send a message, but we suggest focusing on the removal instead.

If you email the creator of GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware, they will, most likely, ask you to pay a ransom in return for a decryptor. Remember when we said that there was no way to retrieve a decryptor at the time? Well, if you pay the ransom, you are unlikely to get it. This whole attack is simply set up to lure out money from you, and cyber criminals could not care less about your personal files. Therefore, if you find files with the “.garrantydecrypt” extension attached to them, do not expect them to be decrypted by the attackers after you transfer the money. Unfortunately, GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware deletes shadow volume copies as well, and that means that internal backup will not help you. In fact, you can recover files only if their copies exist on external or cloud drives. If that is the case, you should remove the ransomware without further delay. We recommend removing the threat even if you cannot recover files.

How to delete GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware

GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware is, without a doubt, one nasty infection, and if it has corrupted your personal files successfully, it is unlikely that you can do much about it. Hopefully, backups exist, and your files are not completely lost. Just remember that your system’s backup will not help you because the ransomware deletes shadow volume copies. When it comes to the removal of the infection, you have to choose what is best for you. While you might have no trouble deleting GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware manually if you know where to find the launcher file, it might be time for you to install an anti-malware program. It will automatically erase malware and, at the same time, it will also guarantee complete protection of your operating system. Without a doubt, if you do not secure your system, you could face new threats in the near future, and we are sure you want to avoid that, for the sake of your virtual security, your personal data, and your own mind.

Removal Instructions

  1. Delete all recently downloaded suspicious files to eliminate the malicious launcher of the ransomware.
  2. Delete all copies of the ransom note file, #RECOVERY_FILES#.txt.
  3. Empty Recycle Bin and then immediately perform a full system scan using a legitimate malware scanner. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of GarrantyDecrypt Ransomware*

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