GandCrab 5 LOADER

What is GandCrab 5 LOADER?

GandCrab 5 LOADER is a threat that could spread the so-called GandCrab 5 Ransomware. The malware is vicious as it encrypts user’s personal data and then leaves instructions on how to pay a ransom. Unfortunately, restoring files without specific decryption tools is impossible, and so if the user does not have any backup copies, the encrypted data might be lost forever. Under such circumstances, we would advise learning more about GandCrab 5 LOADER as it could help you keep away from GandCrab 5 Ransomware. So far our researchers managed to find only one loader that distributed the particular ransomware application, so at the end of the article, you will see instructions showing how to erase it manually. However, there could be other malware’s loaders out there, and so we encourage you to read the rest of our report so you could learn more about them.

Where does GandCrab 5 LOADER come from?

Our researchers at say GandCrab 5 LOADER might be spread with malicious email attachments, harmful software installers, and other untrustworthy data you could receive or download while browsing. Often users find such data on torrent and other unreliable P2P file-sharing networks. Plus, some users open email attachments even if they come from unknown senders or arrive under suspicious circumstances. What we are trying to say is users cannot ever let their guard down if they do not want to encounter possibly malicious content accidentally. Besides making sure all your downloaded data comes from reliable sources and cannot harm the system, we would advise installing a legitimate antimalware tool that could guard the computer against many different threats.

How does GandCrab 5 LOADER work?

Currently, our researchers were able to find only one GandCrab 5 LOADER that is called Trojan.Ascentor Loader. It appears it can target specific victims as the malicious application is capable of filtering users based on their geographical location, operating system, and so on. Truth be told, the same loader could carry many other threats besides GandCrab 5 Ransomware. The more malicious applications the loader carries, the more money its creators might be able to make. It would seem those who create such files might get paid by those who wish to spread their developed infections while using their services.

Furthermore, most loaders cannot perform a lot of tasks, and many of them are limited to being able to download, launch, update, or delete functions. Some could think it is a bonus that the threat cannot do a lot of things, but in reality, it might make things only worse. To be more accurate, our specialists say the fact the application has fewer functions can make it more difficult to detect it while using security tools, although the GandCrab 5 LOADER we have discovered was identified by the tool we were using, so it all depends on the malicious application and the antimalware tool installed on the computer. Moreover, we would also like to stress that even though we found only one loader carrying GandCrab 5 Ransomware, it is entirely possible there could be more of them and as we said earlier, it might be any data downloaded from untrustworthy web pages or Spam emails. Thus, if you want to keep your system safe, you should be extra careful.

How to eliminate GandCrab 5 LOADER?

In case the file you downloaded seems suspicious, and you think it could be GandCrab 5 LOADER or other malicious programs’ loader, you should erase it immediately. The instructions available below this paragraph will tell you how to delete Trojan.Ascentor Loader, so if you encountered a different loader you may want to use a legitimate antimalware tool instead, as the given instructions could be useless in your case.

Remove GandCrab 5 LOADER

  1. Tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Pick Task Manager and go to Processes.
  3. Search for a process associated with the threat.
  4. Select it and click End Task.
  5. Leave Task Manager.
  6. Click Windows key+E.
  7. Find this directory %ALLUSERSPROFILE%
  8. Search for a malicious file with a name from five random characters, right-click it and choose Delete.
  9. Close File Explorer.
  10. Tap Windows key+R.
  11. Insert regedit and press Enter.
  12. Find this path: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  13. Locate a malicious key related to the threat, right-click it and choose Delete.
  14. Close Registry Editor.
  15. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  16. Restart the computer. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of GandCrab 5 LOADER*

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