What is GamingSearch?

According to the description of GamingSearch, the application provides the best way to search. If you wonder whether this is true or not, we invite you to read our full article so that you could learn more and form an opinion of your own. In the text, we discuss how this extension works, how it could be distributed, and what you can do if you do not want to keep it on your computer. If you are only interested in the application’s removal, you should check the deletion instructions below. Also, it is vital to mention that since the extension was classified as a potentially unwanted program, users who want to erase GamingSearch can employ a legitimate antimalware tool for this task. We also encourage you to use our comments section if there is something else you want to ask about this potentially unwanted program.test

Where does GamingSearch come from?

GamingSearch is offered on a website called and on Chrome Web Store, a well-known platform that distributes tools for Google Chrome. Of course, the extension might not be offered on these websites forever, and it could be distributed through other channels. For instance, the potentially unwanted program could be promoted on various file-sharing websites, pop-ups, or advertisements. Thus, users could come across it while surfing the Internet and searching for new applications. Therefore, we advise being extra cautious while doing these things if you have no wish to come across potentially unwanted programs, browser hijackers, and so on. We mean that users should download tools from reliable sources only, but, most importantly, make sure that desired applications come from reputable developers and have no negative expert reviews.

How does GamingSearch work?

Our researchers at say that GamingSearch is very similar to other potentially unwanted programs recently researched. As you see, we have encountered quite a few extensions that claim to provide the best way to search. Another thing that the discussed extension has in common with the other plugins claiming to be providing the best ways to search is how it changes a user’s browser preferences. To be more precise, this potentially unwanted program might change your default search engine.

The new default search engine that is supposed to provide the best way to search might redirect users to a modified version of the Yahoo search engine. Thus, it seems GamingSearch might be giving something that you can already get without having to install any extensions or other third-party tools. A modified version could indeed be altered by the potentially unwanted program, for example, to display additional advertisements among search results, but it might not necessarily make things better. On the contrary, users could find additional ads to be annoying. Not to mention that ads from unknown third parties might be unreliable.

How to erase GamingSearch?

If you do not like how GamingSearch works, you can erase it at any time. One way to get rid of it is to go to your browser’s extensions menu. Once you access it and find the potentially unwanted program, you should be able to delete it at once. If you need any task while removing GamingSearch manually, you could use the instructions we offer at the end of this paragraph. We also mentioned earlier that users could delete it with an antimalware tool. If you select this option, you should do a full scan of your system with a legitimate antimalware tool that could identify and delete the potentially unwanted program.

Remove GamingSearch from Google Chrome

  1. Go to Google Chrome.
  2. Insert the following link into the browser’s address bar: chrome://extensions
  3. Press Enter and search for GamingSearch.
  4. Click Remove and press Remove to confirm.
  5. Close the Extensions menu.
  6. Restart your browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of GamingSearch*

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