What is FullScan?

Do not be fooled by FullScan, this rogue antispyware is out to steal your money and cripple your PC in the process. FullScan manages to fool many users into believing it’s a genuine security tool mainly through its exaggerated online marketing campaign and seemingly legitimate looking and user friendly User Interfaces.
Spread mainly via Trojan and malware bundled updates, it’s also been reported that the FullScan can be caught from illicit websites making use of drive-by download techniques.

FullScan will go on to inform the user that his PC is under attack and infected with many dramatic parasites and threats. It will do this by making use of various fake security notifications in the form of exhaustive popup messages. Users are urged never to trust any correspondence received from.

In order to limit the damage posed to your system, you need to get rid of FullScan without delay. Invest in a properly functioning security application which can permanently eliminate FullScan from the system, and offer future protection against similar threats.

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