FSociety Ransomware

What is FSociety Ransomware?

FSociety Ransomware is a threat that seems to be created by the fans of Mr. Robot, which is a popular TV show. Like other ransomware infections, this threat finds a way to enter the computer secretly and then it locks such personal files as music, pictures, documents, video, and other valuable files. It is very likely that it locks all these files to be able to get easy money from users. Even though FSociety Ransomware does not differ much from other ransomware infections the way it acts, e.g. BlackFeather Ransomware, HDD Encrypt Ransomware, and Petya Ransomware, it is still different in a sense that it does not work very well. For example, it has been found that it does not leave any message for the user. The only thing you will notice if this infection really enters your PC is that it is impossible to access the most important files. Also, they will have a different filename extension. As FSociety Ransomware does not create any message explaining what to do and what cyber criminals behind FSociety Ransomware expect from you, you will not be offered to buy the decryption tool either. Do not worry; you do not need this tool to decrypt your files. If you were offered to buy the decryptor/decryption key from cyber criminals, we would still not recommend doing that because cyber criminals often take money from users but do not give anything in exchange.test

What does FSociety Ransomware do?

Specialists have put FSociety Ransomware into the category of ransomware infections just because it encrypts personal files. You can be sure that the file is encrypted if it has a new filename extension .fs0ciety, for instance, picture.jpg.fs0ciety and myfavoritesong.mp3.fs0ciety. As this ransomware infection does not work properly, you will not be offered to buy a decryption tool from cyber criminals. It is very likely that they do not even have a key for decrypting files. Of course, this might mean that you have lost your files permanently; however, researchers working at anti-spyware-101.com say that you should not give up and try to recover your files using a free tool you can easily download from the Internet. If you do not find an effective decryptor, you should check if you have copies of, at least, some of the most important files. If you do, you will be able to recover them easily. What you need to do first is to delete FSociety Ransomware fully from the computer. If none of these methods work, we still suggest that you keep those encrypted files on your computer because the decryptor might be released, and it will be possible to unlock this encrypted data.

FSociety Ransomware does not lock screens or systems utilities. Also, it does not even create a file with instructions on how to decrypt files. Therefore, specialists believe that it is very buggy or its developers have not finished it yet. We can even say that this threat is of low quality. Delete it as soon as possible because it might be updated one day. Also, it is known that it might encrypt the new files you create once again.

Where does FSociety Ransomware come from?

Our researchers cannot say how exactly this ransomware infection is usually distributed because it is not popular yet, and it is difficult to make conclusions; however, it is very likely that you have allowed it to enter the system yourself by opening a malicious spam email attachment. Spam email attachments might look perfectly decent, but it is known that they often distribute malicious software. Therefore, it would be wise not to open any of them ever again. In addition, we suggest installing a trustworthy security tool on the computer too if you cannot ensure the maximum system protection yourself.

How do I delete FSociety Ransomware?

To remove FSociety Ransomware from your computer, you need to find the malicious file you have opened and remove it. You should find it in the Downloads folder (C:\Users\[Username]\Downloads). Of course, it might be located in a different place as well. The name of the malicious file is usually random, so you might really find it difficult to find it. If you want to detect and eliminate the ransomware infection quicker, you can scan your computer with a reputable malware remover, such as SpyHunter. It will delete FSociety Ransomware fully in the blink of an eye.

Delete FSociety Ransomware

  1. Find the malicious .exe file representing the ransomware infection.
  2. Delete it.
  3. Empty the Recycle bin.
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