What is Frostwire?

If you like sharing files, you may find the Frostwire tool useful because of its characteristics enabling you to perform various functions. However, you should use this tool cautiously because some cases show that unwanted program can be installed alongside Frostwire. In order to avoid possible damage to the system, we recommend you to uninstall the program and remove all potential threats.

What is Frostwire?

Frostwire is a file sharing application applicable to different computing platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and the mobile operating system Android. According to the vendor page, the tool does not install any spyware or adware; you can access friendly online chat rooms, send large files and folders, listen to the Internet radio, change the design of the interface, etc.

One more important feature of the program is that it is claimed to be safe and reliable because it is not affiliated with any spyware or adware. If you have noticed that some other programs are running on the PC, it does not mean that the developers of Frostwire are related to their distribution. In either case, you should remove unwanted programs as well as Frostwire to make sure the no malicious programs are trying to corrupt the system by running malicious processes or performing other illegal activities.

How to remove Frostwire

If your attempts to delete Frostwire with the removal utility in the Control Panel were unsuccessful, try using SpyHunter, which can remove various infections easily and protect the system so that you can browse the Internet safely. To download its free scanner, click on the button below, and if you have any questions as to how to remove infections, leave your question in the comment box.

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