FoxRansom Ransomware

What is FoxRansom Ransomware?

FoxRansom Ransomware is a threat our specialists have discovered only recently. It might make your files inaccessible even though it did not lock personal data at the time of research, they say. This might happen if the ransomware infection is ever updated. You cannot keep malware active on your system no matter which version of it you encounter because the presence of bad software might result in the entrance of other threats and other privacy and security-related problems. Therefore, you must erase FoxRansom Ransomware from your system immediately after having discovered it active on your computer. It seems that this threat is still in development, specialists at say. As mentioned, it did not encrypt files at the time of analysis. Second, it drops a ransom note that does not demand money, which is quite surprising because ransomware-type infections are mainly used to steal money from users. Since FoxRansom Ransomware does not seem to be sophisticated malware, you should not find its removal complicated, especially if you let our removal guide help you.test

What does FoxRansom Ransomware do?

Our specialists could not find a single encrypted file after installing FoxRansom Ransomware on their testing machine, but they have still found out how this ransomware infection should work. It has turned out that this threat has been programmed to search for a folder called Teszt on Desktop. If the folder is found, it then locates valuable users’ files and encrypts them all without mercy. Encrypted files get the .fox extension appended, so if FoxRansom Ransomware ever locks data on your computer, we are sure this will not go unnoticed. As mentioned, FoxRansom Ransomware did not work properly at the time of analysis, and it encrypted only one folder, so it is not very likely that this infection will ever cause you a lot of problems. Of course, miracles happen, so we cannot guarantee that cyber criminals will not update this infection one day. This is the reason we recommend keeping a security application installed on your computer. Have you encountered a new version of FoxRansom Ransomware that has locked files on your system? In such an unfortunate event, you should restore your files from a backup. Alternatively, you can use a free decryptor, but we cannot promise that you will find one that could unlock all files encrypted by this ransomware infection. In any event, do not send money to the ransomware developer!

Where does FoxRansom Ransomware come from?

Some malicious applications are more prevalent than others. The same can be said about ransomware. At the time of research, FoxRansom Ransomware was not prevalent malware. In fact, it was not distributed actively at all. We do not know whether the situation will change or not, but you should know how ransomware infections are usually spread just in case. It is already more the rule rather than the exception that crypto-malware travels inside spam emails as an email attachment. Usually, it can be found inside spam emails, so if you are not expecting any emails, or you simply do not know anything about the sender of the email you have received, you should not open an email with an attachment, even if it looks harmless. This is especially true if that email has been filtered to Spam. You will also significantly reduce the chances of encountering malicious software by installing an antimalware tool.

How to remove FoxRansom Ransomware

No matter what kind of malicious infection you encounter, be it an adware program showing advertisements, a browser hijacker that alters browsers’ settings, or more sophisticated malware like the ransomware infection, you cannot keep it on your PC. Therefore, if you ever encounter FoxRansom Ransomware, you must remove it ASAP no matter if it has caused you problems or not. Of course, if your files have been locked, they will not return to their original state after cleaning the system.

Remove FoxRansom Ransomware manually

  1. Tap Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  2. Start Task Manager.
  3. Open Processes.
  4. Kill suspicious processes that could belong to the ransomware infection.
  5. Press Win+E to open Windows Explorer.
  6. Remove suspicious files from the following directories:
  • %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
  • %USERPROFILE%\Downloads
  • %TEMP%
  1. Remove READ_IT.txt. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of FoxRansom Ransomware*

Stop these FoxRansom Ransomware Processes:


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