Find Your Packages Promos

What is Find Your Packages Promos?

If you need to track packages, you should be able to do that via the sellers’ or carriers’ websites. Find Your Packages Promos, however, suggests that it can help you track all parcels from various carriers using one single tracker. Doesn’t this sound amazing? Well, you cannot judge a book by its cover, and researchers suggest that trusting the initial offer of any program is the wrong move. The good news is that the extension actually informs that it can show advertisements after installation, and so those who install it must know what they are getting themselves into. However, if you did not realize that you would be flooded with ads after installing the extension, you might feel dissatisfied. In any case, there are reasons to delete Find Your Packages Promos from Google Chrome, which at the time of research, was the only browser that the extension was compatible with. If you want to understand why removing this PUP (potentially unwanted program) might be the best move, continue reading.test

How does Find Your Packages Promos work?

Find Your Packages Promos is officially introduced at and can be installed from Chrome users usually trust the Chrome web store as a source that presents legitimate and trustworthy extensions. Unfortunately, PUPs can be introduced as well. At the time of research, the extension allegedly had over 3,000 users, but there were no reviews or ratings revealing what those users think. While reviews and ratings can be forged, their absence is alarming as well. At the end of the day, legitimate opinions from real users are best at revealing how a certain service or program actually works. That being said, the extension is free, and it only asks permissions to read browsing history and change data on the visited websites. Many users will not think about this as a risk when installing the PUP. In reality, the ability to track information and manipulate what you see online is a great power because that makes it easier for third-party advertisers to introduce you to links/ads/buttons/banners that you are more likely to click.

The package-tracking service offered by Find Your Packages Promos is free, but they creator of the add-on is using ads as a way to make money. Most likely, they would earn money for the clicks you make. Unfortunately, this could mean that the creator is willing to advertise just about anything to make money. Can you guarantee that the ads introduced to you can be trusted? If you think that you can determine which ads are trustworthy and which ones are not just by looking at them, you are mistaken. Even the most misleading ads/links could be highly attractive if they are built around your own browsing history and browsing preferences. Note that Find Your Packages Promos knows what ads you click on to make sure that the most attractive and seemingly relevant offers are shown.

How to delete Find Your Packages Promos

If you downloaded Find Your Packages Promos, you must need to track a lot of packages on a daily basis. If that is not the case, there is no point in using this extension at all. If you are tracking packages, perhaps you can use the trackers offered by package carriers? If you are simply convinced that you need the extension, you have to think carefully if it is worth the trouble. As you now know, advertisements can flood your screen as soon as you install the extension, and it is impossible to know what kinds of ads you might see. Since there is always a risk that you could be exposed to unreliable ads, we strongly recommend that you eliminate ads where you can instead of adding more of them. One way to do that is by implementing a trustowrthy ad-blocker. First, you might want to remove Find Your Packages Promos. If you want to do that yourself, follow the instructions below, and if you need help, install a legitimate anti-malware tool.

Removal Guide (Google Chrome)

  1. Open the browser and enter chrome://extensions into the address bar.
  2. Remove the undesirable extension from the list.
  3. Enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar.
  4. In the Advanced menu, select the right time range.
  5. Select the boxes you want and then click the Clear data button. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Find Your Packages Promos*

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