FilmsPro Search Extension

What is FilmsPro Search Extension?

Have you installed FilmsPro Search Extension because you wanted a search tool that would help you perform “film web searches?” research team has analyzed quite a few different programs that offer a personalized surfing experience, but, unfortunately, in most cases, they are completely useless and even malicious. Search by myMusic and Search By myMovie are few other strange search tools that offer a similar search service. Once you install the PUP, you are meant to type “m” into the address bar and then tap the Tab key to activate the search tool. After this, you can enter any movie-related keyword, and the available information is presented to you. The potentially unwanted program (PUP) redirects searches via to the website. Here, you can find a few facts about the movie you are interested in, as well as a list of sources where you can watch it. The PUP appears to promote Netflix, HULU, Amazon Instant Video, and VUDU. These are all paid services, and so if you installed it hoping for access to free movies, there is no doubt that you will want to remove FilmsPro Search Extension, but that is not the only reason.testtesttest

How does FilmsPro Search Extension work?

Have you downloaded the suspicious FilmsPro Search Extension from the Chrome web store (the installer is found at If you have not, you might have acquired it via pop-ups and advertisements, or third-party installers promoting software bundles. If you download the extension via the Chrome web store, it is unlikely that you will find other threats, but if the PUP is installed via pop-up or bundled with something else, there is a huge possibility that you will need to delete other infections along with FilmsPro Search Extension. If you like the service offered by the PUP – which is unlikely to be the case, considering that it does not offer anything useful – you might be hesitant about the removal. The thing is that the seemingly attractive service hides something else. If you do not type “m” and tap “Tab” to activate the search tool, you are still redirected to Yahoo Search via, and this action is unauthorized. This is exactly why the PUP is often classified as a browser hijacker. Well, what is so wrong about Yahoo search results? The PUP can modify them to include sponsored content, and this is why you must delete this extension right away.

Have you been exposed to advertisements and various offers to install other programs or add-ons after installing FilmsPro Search Extension? According to our research team, users should not interact with any offers or installers promoted by the PUP because they could be misleading and malicious. If you have already downloaded unreliable programs directly via the offers of the PUP, a legitimate malware scanner will identify them right away. If you think that you need to invest in a reliable malware scanner, you are wrong. The one offered via this page is free, and there is no doubt that it will help you uncover malicious infections if any exist. What should you do after you have the full list of malware that requires removal? First, you need to research it. Hopefully, you can find individual guides for every single threat on this website.

How to remove FilmsPro Search Extension

Whether FilmsPro Search Extension stands alone or along with other threats, you need to make sure that you are capable of deleting them yourself. As you can see, erasing the PUP is not that difficult, and a few simple steps can help you handle this malware. On the other hand, if other infections exist, erasing all of them manually can be overwhelming. The good news is that you do not need to handle all infections on your own because a reliable anti-malware tool can help you. Since this tool can also ensure full-time protection, there is no doubt that installing it is the right move. If you ensure that this tool is updated when necessary, you will not need to face other infections in the future. If you are still not sure if you want to delete FilmsPro Search Extension, at least scan your system to check if other infections exist. If they do, delete them immediately.

Removal Instructions

  1. Launch Explorer by tapping Win+E.
  2. Enter %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ into the bar. Windows XP users enter %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data.
  3. Open the {unique profile name} folder, or, if folders do not exist, open the Default folder.
  4. Delete the files named Preferences and Secure Preferences.
  5. Open the Extensions folder and Delete the bmiemgamhbmihogdfcoegadlkkmmgpm subfolder.
  6. Go back to the Default/profile folder and then open the Local Storage folder.
  7. Delete the files named chrome-extension_jbmiemgamhbmihogdfcoegadlkkmmgpm_0.localstorage-journal and chrome-extension_jbmiemgamhbmihogdfcoegadlkkmmgpm_0.localstorage. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of FilmsPro Search Extension*


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