FilmsNet Start

What is FilmsNet Start?

There is another PUP (potentially unwanted program) that was created for the Google Chrome users, and it is called FilmsNet Start. At the moment, it is only compatible with the Chrome web browser, but we cannot guarantee that it will not cross over. If that happens, we can add the removal instructions you need below. If you are reading this report, the chances are that you have already made up your mind about eliminating this suspicious extension, but malware researchers can help you understand it better too. If you care only about deleting FilmsNet Start, you can scroll down. If you are curious to learn more about this suspicious extension, its distribution, and its activity, you should continue reading. Note that the comments section is open for all discussions, and if you come up with any questions while familiarizing yourself with the information provided, feel free to add them. If you are dealing with any problems, our research team will try to assist you as soon as possible.testtest

How does FilmsNet Start work?

FilmsNet Start is created by MediaNetNow, and this company has also released musicNet Search, netGaming Search, moviesNet Search, and musicNet Start extensions, which, unsurprisingly, are identified as potentially unwanted programs as well. All of them can be downloaded from or the Chrome web store pages representing every extension individually. It was found that FilmsNet Start is offered at Of course, some users might be introduced to the suspicious add-on via pop-ups or even third-party installers. Regardless of how you installed the extension, it is a good idea to scan your operating system because unwanted pieces could be active. If they are, you might want to install trustworthy anti-malware software to have all of them removed at once. Although the suspicious PUP is not classified as a dangerous infection, the right anti-malware program will list it as a threat as well. One might accuse the PUP for being promoted in a misleading manner, which is true, considering that it does not enable access to watch movies for free as claimed. While that is a good reason to delete this add-on, it is not the one we want to focus on.

Our research team recommends that Google Chrome users remove FilmsNet Start because this extension exposes them to an unreliable search tool. Unfortunately, most users will not notice this at all because it redirects to Yahoo Search, which, of course, is known for being reliable. The thing is that the PUP redirects to it without your permission, and, on top of that, it also redirects via to ensure that the Yahoo Search results are modified to include the sponsored content that MediaNetNow might be paid to advertise. Therefore, even though the PUP allows you to find somewhat useful movie-related information at, and it provides you with quick access to such popular sites as,, or, trusting it is not recommended. On the contrary, it is recommended that you remove FilmsNet Start from your web browser immediately.

How to delete FilmsNet Start

Have you downloaded FilmsNet Start hoping it would make it possible for you to watch movies and TV series for free? Programs and services that offer this possibility are not to be trusted because that is illegal, and so you need to be cautious. While the PUP might not be extremely malicious, it is obvious that it can be used to expose you to sponsored content, and, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that it is worth your trust. Our research team strongly recommends that you delete FilmsNet Start from your Google Chrome browser, and there are two main paths you can take. You can download and use an anti-malware program that will automatically eliminate all unreliable programs. Or you can erase all threats and PUPs yourself. In this case, you will have to identify and research all threats individually. You can use the guide below to delete the PUP discussed in this report.

Removal Instructions

  1. Open Google Chrome and then tap Alt+F keys.
  2. Click More tools.
  3. Select Extensions and then identify the undesirable add-on.
  4. Click the trash bin button on its right.
  5. Select Remove and then restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of FilmsNet Start*

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