Fileice Ransomware

What is Fileice Ransomware?

Fileice Ransomware is a strange infection. Although, at the moment, it only displays an annoying window that can be closed very easily, our research team warns that it has the potential to act like most ransomware infections that we have reviewed on this site. malware experts warn that this threat might be able to encrypt files and demand a ransom from you, which, of course, would be terrible. You already need to protect your operating system from Princess Locker Ransomware, Exotic Ransomware, APT Ransomware, and many other infections alike, so you do not need another threat hanging over your head. Hopefully, you have faced the “harmless” version of this ransomware, and you have time to reinforce Windows protection to ensure that your personal files evade harm. Obviously, there is no time to waste, and you need to remove Fileice Ransomware from your computer immediately. Read this report to learn everything about this malware, as well as its elimination.testtest

How does Fileice Ransomware work?

Although the suspicious Fileice Ransomware is placed in the same category as well-known ransomware infections, at the moment, it is not as dangerous in a sense that it cannot encrypt your files. Even the lock-down of your operating system that is faked using a strange screen can be disabled with a click of a button. This screen is usually the first sign of the threat because it is most likely that the distribution of this malware is very clandestine. Whether you execute it yourself by opening a deceptive spam email attachment or it hides in a software bundle delivered by a malicious installer, it is unlikely that you will realize it. Right after the main executable is launched, a window will pop up covering the entire screen. The window has two sections, one of which is called “Select Your Survey.” This section informs that you need to complete a survey to continue with the download. Did you download something? Obviously, you cannot trust whatever it is that you are downloading, and you should not participate in any surveys that are delivered via the platform. Whether you are promised a $1,000 gift card or a $100 win, you should stay away.

The other section of the Fileice Ransomware window is called “Unlock Your PC,” and you can easily click the “Close” button to remove the irritating screen that appears to be blocking access to your PC. Other functions in this menu do not work, which is why it is believed that this is just a beta version of the malicious ransomware. Obviously, we do not know the intentions of cyber criminals behind this threat, and so all we can do is discuss all possibilities. Our prediction is that this ransomware will be updated, and the new version will encrypt files and force you to interact with potentially malicious surveys or pay humongous ransom fees for their decryption. Well, do not underestimate this version of the ransomware either. It is using the platform to deliver surveys, and money is earned for every survey completed. Do you think that the creator of Fileice Ransomware will introduce you to reliable, genuine surveys? This is very unlikely. In fact, it is more likely that they will be used to steal personal data. Due to this, you need to remove the infection even if it does not look extremely dangerous right now.

How to erase Fileice Ransomware

You want to delete Fileice Ransomware as soon as you can because this infection is like a ticking bomb. On top of that, it is very clear that your operating system is vulnerable, and so if you do not want other infections to attack again and again, you also need to take care of virtual security. Keep in mind that this ransomware is relatively weak, and even still, it can put your virtual security at risk! If you do not employ tools to protect your operating system against the attacks of malware, you might regret not taking action pretty soon. The good news is that you can erase the ransomware, clean your operating system from other threats, and establish full-time protection just by downloading one piece of software: A trusted anti-malware tool. You also have the option to get rid of Fileice Ransomware manually, and the guide below shows which steps to take in order to succeed.

Removal Guide

  1. Go to the Unlock Your PC section on the ransom screen and click Close (if that does not work, use the Alt+Tab combination to access the Desktop and right-click and close the unwanted window).
  2. Locate the malicious launcher (check the Desktop, and Downloads and Temp folders).
  3. Right-click the file and, in the options menu, choose Delete.
  4. Now, tap Win+E keys simultaneously to launch Windows Explorer.
  5. Enter %HOMEDRIVE% into the bar at the top.
  6. Right-click and Delete the folder named Seo (it should contain a file named Sdchost.exe).
  7. Install a trusted malware scanner to quickly examine your PC for leftovers.
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