FileFrozr Ransomware

What is FileFrozr Ransomware?

FileFrozr Ransomware is not a typical file-encrypting threat as it is a Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS). This type of malware can be used by any hacker since the program is already developed and there is no need to have any particular programming skills. All the interested party has to do is buy the infection’s license and use the online builder to create a personalized version of FileFrozr Ransomware. Afterward, the hacker can use it as a tool to extort money from users of infected computers and try to get back the invested amount of money or even larger sums. In this article, we will take a look at the threat’s builder to find out how the malicious program might affect user’s computer and data located on it. The second part of the article will explain to you how such infection could be distributed and what you could do to avoid them.testtesttest

Where does FileFrozr Ransomware come from and how it may work?

The malicious application might have been created by a hacker that calls himself Frozr since our researchers came across several hacker forums where a user by this name was promoting a RaaS file-encrypting program known as FileFrozr Ransomware. The malware’s license is offered for 0.14 BTC; at the moment of writing it is a bit more than $200. Nonetheless, interested parties can follow the provided link to the ransomware’s web page and have a preview of the online builder without making a payment. First, the online builder asks to fill the “Receiver address” and “Payment page” boxes that would be provided to the malware’s victim. A box called “Locker message” should even allow writing a unique ransom note. As the box is called “Locker message” there is a chance FileFrozr Ransomware could have the ability to lock user’s screen when displaying the ransom note.

What’s more, it is said the malicious application can bypass antimalware tools or at least some of them as the malware’s developers claim they have tested their infection with a couple of tools that are supposed to protect a system against ransomware. Also, FileFrozr Ransomware’s website claims the threat can encrypt data on the infected computer with secure encryption algorithms called AES-256 and RSA-2096. Once the files get encrypted, the user should become unable to open such data. In other words, the affected files become unusable and worthless. For this reason, users are always advised to backup important files regularly. For instance, you can create a backup on your own by copying files to an external hard drive, cloud storage, and so on. There are other ways to create backup too, so you can pick one or couple of them just to be safe according to your needs. What we do not recommend is paying the ransom since you can never be guaranteed the hackers behind the threat will not trick you and deliver the decryption tools as promised.

How to avoid FileFrozr Ransomware and threats similar to it?

Because there could be many different FileFrozr Ransomware variants, it is impossible to say how each hacker may choose to distribute his created variant. Therefore, we have to consider various possible options. First of all, these malicious applications could travel with Spam emails. This distribution method remains to be one of the most popular ones, so users should never let their guard down when it comes to suspicious email attachments. If you do not know where it comes from or for what purpose it was sent, it is better to ignore such data unless it looks too important. In such case, our specialists at recommend scanning the questionable file with a legitimate antimalware tool that could tell you whether the attachment is safe to open.

Besides malicious emails, it is also quite popular to spread ransomware via harmful pop-up ads or infected software installers. Thus, if you do not wish to encounter ransomware or similar dangerous programs, we would recommend keeping away from doubtful torrent and similar P2P web pages or other unreliable sites that could be distributing infected data. Moreover, there are cases when hackers gain access to the user’s computer and launch the malware on their own. In order to do so, they need to find a weak point in the computer’s security, e.g. weak password.

Now that you know how the malicious program could get on your computer, you can get rid of habits, which could endanger the system and strengthen it by changing your old password, updating outdated software, creating a backup, etc. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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