FF AntiVirus Save

What is FF AntiVirus Save?

FF AntiVirus Save is an unreliable Mozilla Firefox extension that was found to be distributed using a scam notification. This notification warns about an allegedly important update, and if Firefox users are tricked into clicking the “Install now” button, they end up installing an unreliable add-on. Unfortunately, it could be used to track the user’s activity, and, potentially, showcase unreliable, misleading advertisements. If you have been tricked into installing the extension, we suggest removing it as soon as possible. If you are still on the download page, and you are struggling to close it, we have a few tips for you as well. In the worst case scenario, your virtual security could be jeopardized by this malware, which is why you need to be cautious and act quickly. The first step you should make before you continue reading this report is to scan your operating system. Install a legitimate malware scanner to help you inspect the PC and determine if any threats have invaded it. Whether you need to remove FF AntiVirus Save alone or along with other infections, our Anti-spyware-101.com research team can help.

How does FF AntiVirus Save work?

Were you introduced to the installer of FF AntiVirus Save via guardedsearchingext.xyz? According to our research, this page was used for the introduction of the bogus update notification in the past; however, it does not work at the moment. Most likely, new pages will be set up to expose users to the same scam. But how are users led to such pages? Needless to say, they do not land on them intentionally. It is likely that users are redirected to them illegally as they interact with misleading pop-ups or warnings found on unreliable websites. Misleading links are easy to employ, and, unfortunately, users are still pretty careless when it comes to that. Once they are redirected to the scam page, they can be tricked into installing FF AntiVirus Save even when they do not want that. The scam page could be shown in full screen, and some users might have no idea how to escape that. If you cannot close the page by tapping the combination of Alt and F4 keys on the keyboard, you should be able to launch the Task Manager (tap keys Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and terminate the process of the affected browser. The worst idea is to install the fictitious update because that would lead to inevitable removal of malware.

The installer of FF AntiVirus Save is supported by this message: “This update is required to ensure that you are protected on the Internet.” This might trick some users into believing that they should go on with the installation, but that, of course, is not the case. First of all, no updates are delivered via random pages, and you certainly should not believe that your Firefox browser would be updated if you clicked the “Install now” button. Furthermore, if you initiate the installation, you should realize that you have been duped right away because instead of an update, FF AntiVirus Save extension is installed. Although the name of the add-on suggests that it can provide you with antivirus protection, that is just a disguise that conceals an extension capable of tracking every move you make. On top of that, it might be capable of injecting potentially unreliable advertisements, and these are the reasons to remove it ASAP.

How to delete FF AntiVirus Save

Can you remove FF AntiVirus Save from your operating system? Of course, you can, and you should. The instructions shown below can help you delete this undesirable extension manually, after which you also should clear browsing data to ensure that cookies are eliminated also. This is not an ideal option if you find other threats active on your operating system. In this situation, employing an anti-malware program that could automatically erase every single malicious piece is strongly recommended. You need something to protect you and your operating system in the future too, and the same program can help you with that also. Hopefully, all of your questions regarding the removal of FF AntiVirus Save were answered in this report, but if you want to discuss anything further, add a comment below.

Removal Guide

  1. Launch Firefox, tap Alt+T keys, and select Add-ons.
  2. Click the Remove button next to the FF AntiVirus Save extension.
  3. Tap keys Ctrl+Shift+Delete and, first, select the appropriate time range.
  4. Mark all boxes indicating the data you want to clear in the said time range.
  5. Click Clear Now and then restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of FF AntiVirus Save*

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