What is falls under the classification of potentially unwanted programs. According to our researchers at, the application comes with an extension classified as a potentially unwanted program. It works only on Google Chrome, and it is called Fast Power EcoSearch. This extension may alter users’ browser preferences. To be more precise, it might change your default search engine with If you do not like the change and want to go back to using your previous default search engine, you could erase these potentially unwanted programs. To be more accurate, erasing the extension ought to remove the search website. If you want to know how to do this manually, you could use the instructions at the end of this article. You could read the rest of our text to learn more about the extension and its search engine or their deletion.

Where does come from?

We mentioned earlier that comes with a browser extension that shares a similar title. It is called Fast Power EcoSearch. At the moment, users can still download it from the Chrome Web Store page. However, we do not think that it is the only way to receive it. Usually, such potentially unwanted programs are also spread with bundled software installers, pop-ups, ads, etc. Therefore, if you want to keep away from such applications, we recommend staying away from doubtful file-sharing websites, pop-ups, and ads. What we advise is to download needed tools from legitimate websites only. Also, it would not hurt to get a legitimate antimalware tool as such a tool can make it easier to recognize and avoid both unreliable and harmful material.

How does work?

The website might become your default search engine after you install the extension called Fast Power EcoSearch. Our researchers who tested, say that the search website might be using reputable search engines like Yahoo or Bing to gather and display search results. Thus, if you are searching the Internet via it, it might feel as if you are searching the Internet via Yahoo or Bing. Why might it be better to search through the mentioned search engines and their websites directly instead of using The potentially unwanted program might not only redirect you to these websites but also collect your browsing history. It is likely that the application could do so as it may ask for permission to view your browsing history. It is understandable if you do not want to share data available on your browsing history with a tool that falls under the classification of potentially unwanted programs. If so, you could erase the mentioned extension, and should disappear as well.

How to erase

Users who want to remove should delete the Fast Power EcoSearch extension. One way to do it is to go to your browser’s Extensions menu and erase the unwanted extension from there. If you need guidance while completing this task, you could use the instructions available below this article. The other way to erase is to scan your computer with a legitimate antimalware tool. Fast Power EcoSearch ought to be identified as a potentially unwanted application during the scan. Afterward, you should be able to erase it and other identified items by pressing the displayed deletion button.

Eliminate Fast Power EcoSearch to remove

  1. Go to Google Chrome.
  2. Insert the following link into the browser’s address bar: chrome://extensions
  3. Press Enter and search for Fast Power EcoSearch.
  4. Click Remove and press Remove to confirm.
  5. Close the Extensions menu.
  6. Restart your browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of*

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