Fast Antivirus 2011

What is Fast Antivirus 2011?

There is a family of rogues which appear to be very similar to legitimate antivirus applications. Fast Antivirus 2011 is one of these rogue antispyware applications and it is able to fool millions of users worldwide, because it has a sophisticated interface and it basically does not differ from a popular computer safeguard program. But that is only a nice cover of a very nasty book.

Fast Antivirus 2011 is a dangerous malware which has been designed to generate a mass of fake security alerts and notifications, indicating that your computer is under attack. These notifications should push you into paying for the full version of Fast Antivirus 2011. Supposedly, that should protect your system against various threats and fix all the errors, but the reality is that with that purchase you reveal your banking information to cyber criminals who later on can totally sweep your bank account clean.

On top of that, Fast Antivirus 2011 will remain in your computer and will continuously damage it, slowing down your processes and messing up with your internet connection. In order to avoid it, remove Fast Antivirus 2011 from your system either manually or automatically. The manner of removal is a matter of your choice. As long as you get rid of this rogue completely, any type of removal is fine.

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